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To Set a Preferred Payment Method in Your PayPal Account you can follow the procedure. Hope that you will be able to set a preferred payment method.


When you sign up PayPal for the first time, the pre-set payment method will remain your linked Credit or Debit card or Bank account Which you need to change your preferred payment method.


Regarding Payment Methods. PayPal lets you make payments -using a variety of methods including PayPal Account balance, Linked bank account, PayPal branded debit and credit

cards, Your linked Credit, debit card.


There are two ways to change your preferred Payment method –

Option 1-

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Wallet from The Top menuPaypal Wallet section
  3. Scroll Down and Click “Set as Preferred”Set as preferred
  4. Select the preferred Payment method you like to pay everytime you pay through Paypal.

  5. Click “Confirm.
  6. A confirmation message will show up. Click “done.”Confirmation message

Option 2-

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.

  2. Go to “Setting Page “Paypal Profile setting
  3. Now Click “Payment”Preferred way to pay
  4. Scroll down, and You will see “Your preferred way to pay
  5. There are two options to choose from. “Online Purchases and In-store purchasesYour preferred way to pay
  6. Click “Change and Choose How you like to pay.

  7. Click “Confirm “

Now you are set to go. Next time when you make a payment. You don’t need to change your payment method.

Stay Safe.

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It is a common problem for every PayPal users. They sometimes encounter this message when making a payment.

“We’re sorry, but we can’t send your payment right. If you keep running into this issue, please contact PayPal.”


“We are not able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please return to the merchant’s website and try using a different payment method (if available).”

If this problem happens to you. Don’t get panic. Read the full article for possible reasons and solutions.

Why did this problem happen?

According to our Paypal experts, There are a few possible reasons which trigger this kind of issue.

1. Login from a new device- It is the most common reason which alerts PayPal security system to put a temporary block on your account to keep your money safe. You might have changed your IPs recently.

2. Suspicious transactions – Your regular transaction patterns have changed recently. Paypal suspects it as unauthorized access and puts a temporary hold on your account

3. Changing the password, Email and Phone number – Changing your password, email and Phone number can put a temporary block on sending money by Paypal system.

4. Unverified account – new not verified can face this kind of problem as well.

Possible solutions –There is no surefire way to fix this error. However, you should try the following steps.

1. For problem 1,2 and 3 wait for 48 hours to send money. In most cases, Paypal security block releases the account.

2. verify your account if it is not checked. remove old credit cards with expired dates,

3. remove email addresses that are no longer valid and remove physical addresses that are no longer valid.

If any above options do not apply for you, then Here are some things that you can do that may help.

1. Clear your cache and cookies or try any different web browser.

2. Attempt to make the payment to a separate account

3. Attempt to make the payment at a different time

4. Ensure that you are making your payment from your country of residence. If possible attempt to complete the amount from your home machine or the computer you most frequently use to access your PayPal account.

5. Try with a smaller amount.

If all these things don’t work, You might need to call PayPal Customer support to override the system manually and make everything okay.

Still facing issue? Contact us. We might be able to help.

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