How To Buy V Bucks With PayPal Balance?

How To Buy V Bucks With PayPal Balance

Name the most popular video games available right now, Fortnite tops the list with 8 million daily logins. Just like other gamers, Fortnite users also have a premium coin, the V bucks, which you have to buy. If you want to  know how to buy v bucks with PayPal balance, it’s not very straightforward like most others.

Epic Games, the owner of Fortnite, doesn’t allow PayPal wallet for V bucks unless you have external funds linked. You need a valid funding source like a debit card, credit card, or a bank account. But there’s a catch here! You can also buy without linking a card to PayPal in the first place.

Let’s see how you can get your V bucks with or without a card linked to PayPal:

What Are Different Ways To Get Fortnite V-Bucks?

There are two basic ways to get more Fortnite V bucks, the premium way by paying, and the free method.

Different Ways To Get Fortnite V-Bucks

How to Get Fortnite V Bucks for Free

Getting free V bucks on Fortnite is easy job, here are the free methods you can use to acquire yours:

Leveling Up

As you keep playing and leveling up, Fortnite gives you free V bucks, usually on every level. They often announce that on the dashboard to let you know how much you’re getting in each level.

Completing Quests

Fortnite offers challenges for the players to complete, which they call the daily quests. You can complete each quest daily and gain some easy V bucks without having to pay for them.

Storm Shield Defense Missions

The defense missions you get to complete is a part of the daily quests Fortnite offers. Plus, logging into the game daily also gives you a certain amount of V bucks without even playing.

Premium Way to Get Fortnite V Bucks

Acquiring free V bucks may seem clumsy, but that can take quite a while to stack up enough of it. Here is how you obtain Fortnite V bucks with a little spending, both the cheap one-time buy or as you go:

Save the World

The first method to earn V bucks is by spending money once, and acquiring on the go, lifetime. You’ll spend a one-time $40 bill and get to buy the “Save the world” version of Fortnite and get unlimited V bucks as you keep on playing.

If the amount sounds a lot, it won’t if you consider the possibility of getting well over 250 to 400 V bucks a day. To make it even more pleasing, Epic games often put this version on sale and offer a discount. You can grab it once you get that chance.

Buy V Bucks

Now, the obvious method of getting Fortnite V bucks is buying them with cash. There are many ways to pay for the V bucks you want to get, and the price for them is fixed. For a thousand V bucks, you have to pay $9.99 to Epic using a valid payment method. Hence, PayPal is a valid payment option that you can use for getting the bucks you’re trying to obtain.

How To Buy V Bucks With PayPal Balance

Buying Fortnite V bucks can be a quick and effective method to uplift  your Fortnite player levels. It also helps you get cool outfits, weapon wraps, premium emotes and of course, Battle Passes. If you have balance on your PayPal wallet, you can use that to pay for V bucks.

How To Buy V Bucks With PayPal Balance

Here is how to buy v bucks with PayPal balance whether you have cards linked to your account or not:

Pay with an account linked to a card

As mentioned earlier, Epic doesn’t accept a PayPal account to sell V bucks without an external funding source to it. So, if you don’t have any balance on your PayPal wallet, add a card to your PayPal account. Here’s how you add a bank account or a (debit or credit) card to your PayPal wallet:

  • Log into your PayPal account, navigate to the “my account” menu.
  • Click on the bank or wallet, and you’ll see a plus (+) sign there. Click on it.
  • Depending on the debit or credit card you’re adding, select the one.
  • Put in all the necessary information as the fields ask you to fill.
  • Sometimes, PayPal may ask you to confirm and verify the card.

After that, you can pay for the V bucks using your PayPal wallet. In that case, the amount will come from your card through PayPal.

Buy V bucks without cards linked to PayPal

If you don’t have a card linked to your PayPal account, you can pay for the V-bucks with PayPal wallet! It’s also true if you don’t want to draw funds from the card while having it linked to the account. Here is how to buy V bucks with PayPal balance without bothering about cards as Epic games wants you to:

You have to instruct PayPal to do a payment using the PayPal balance instead of drawing balance from the card. To do that, you’re going to set the PayPal wallet as your default payment method for any purchases. The steps are:

  • Log into your account on PayPal website and navigate to account settings.
  • Navigate to the payment option and select online purchases.
  • Change the first payment option to PayPal balance instead of a card.
  • Also check the “other payment methods” to set PayPal wallet as default.

Whenever you proceed to pay for your V bucks after that, it will draw from the PayPal balance. It’ll work whether you want to buy V-Bucks online for PC, Xbox One, or V-Bucks for PS4.

How to pay for Fortnite V bucks?

Now that you’re ready to pay with your PayPal balance, let’s see how to get V bucks with PayPal wallet:

  • Go to your game screen, and navigate to the store.
  • Here, select V bucks, and define how much you want.
  • Click on the purchase button to check out for them.
  • You can select PayPal here and place your order with PayPal balance.


Playing Fortnite while having all the premium wraps, emotes, and outfits can be a fascinating thing. But getting the V bucks can be a real bummer in some cases. It’s crucial to know how to buy V bucks with PayPal balance without adding a card only for Fortnite.

After going through the processes we’ve talked about in this article, we’re sure you’ve been successful in it. If you’re doing this only for the Fortnite payment, don’t forget to set the default payment option to card again.

Is Revolut Safe for Large Amounts?

Is Revolut Safe For Large Amounts

Revolut, being one of the most popular payment financial service provider, is often called the digital bank. It doesn’t only make banking a lot easier, but also a lot convenient in terms of charges and ease of use.

Well, no worries regarding smaller amounts, what about large amounts, above $10,000 or more? Is Revolut safe for large amounts than 10,000 bucks or more? Can you get a seamless transaction while sending or receiving a large sum of money?

Let’s find that all out in this article, and decide if Revolut makes a good money transfer service or not.

Is Revolut A Bank?

Revolut is not a formal bank as we know it, well, unless you consider its banking license in Lithuania, from 2018. It’s an electronic money institution headquartered in the UK, with European banking license under FCA in Ireland.

Is Revolut A Bank

As they work with e-money, nothing goes physical on their system, they use an app to do everything. You can use the Revolut Account app to transfer, exchange, and have other facilities, with or without paying subscriptions.

Revolut is both free and premium

You can do international money transfers, do online payments, bank transfers, like any street banks and typical banking features. They use the e-money license to transfer cash from an account to other bank(s), and one currency to another. You’ll get both a physical card alongside disposable virtual cards with foreign currency exchanges in Revolut Premium.

They have a free and a paid version of their service, whereas exchange is free with 28 currencies. And the paid subscription (staring at £2.99/month) will give you much more facilities than its free version. Be sure to read all the Revolut terms and conditions before signing up. And know about the current cryptocurrency exchange rates if you’re into crypto.

Fees and risks associated with Revolut

Revolut is primarily a free service that doesn’t charge you up to a mark. It has an array of benefits like less ATM withdrawal, 1% cashback on the premium Revolut metal card, and contactless payment. The best part about Revolut is its easy transfer between currencies, without charges up to €1000.

With well over 15 million active customers in the bucket, Revolut is doing very well, and for good reasons. First off, they’re registered under the FDIC, which will give you money security for up to $250,000. Besides, Revolut works under the compliance of the European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS), keeping the user protected for up to €100,000.

Is Revolut Safe For Large Amounts?

Because of Revolut’s reasonable transaction and exchange fees, people often use it for their daily transactions. But, considering people use it for businesses, the obvious question is: is Revolut safe for large amounts?

Well, Revolut has gained a reputation of not being a fast transfer processor for large sums of money. Since the anti-money laundering (AML) act is a strict one, and it works with a bot that halts suspicious transactions. However, in terms of security for your money in the hands of Revolut, you’re safe for sure.

Revolut Safe For Large Amounts

Bottom line is: Revolut seems to have a hard time complying with both the customers and AML in terms of fast transactions. If you’re doing a transaction for a large sum of money, let’s say $50,000, be warned. Be sure to have a few days/weeks spare in hands to have it arrive its destination.

Simple Tips To Be Safe On Revolut

Using Revolut for current accounts can keep things easy for you as it works with a simple banking app with debit card. However, just like any other financial services, there could be security issues where you have to pay attention to.

Here are a few crucial safety tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to use Revolut with utmost security:

Keep your credentials safe

Revolut is an online-only banking service that uses its app to provide what it does. All your financial data and money are in that app, which you access with your login credentials. If you somehow get those credentials compromised, you’re at grave risk. So, memorize them, and never write them down anywhere, not even on your PC or notebook.

Don’t share the account or card details

Keeping your Revolut account safe from fraudulent activities also needs you to have it safeguarded from sharing elsewhere. Don’t trust a messaging app to keep it safe when you’re sharing your login or card details with somebody. Even if you have to share it with your wife or son, make sure the credentials have no written versions.

Use contactless/swipe payment wisely

Revolut offers contactless payment option as well as card swipe feature where you’re subject to typical card scams. Global payment card loses are on the rise, cutting over $27.85 Billion, and increasing. Freeze the cards (including the virtual cards) when you’re not using them from the app. Go to your account security setting, select the card, and freeze it until the next use.

Stay out of phishing emails and scams

Hackers and scammers often plan a trap using a phishing link with a deceptive anchor or landing page. Beware of what URL you’re clicking on while opening a URL from an email. Revolut will never ask you for personal details or login credentials. If you get an email asking for these, even from the official mail address of Revolut, contact the customer service.

Watch your balance closely

You never know when you get busted with a wrong click on a fishy URL in this deceptive online world. If your account gets hacked somehow, the hackers won’t move the entire balance out at once, they’ll drip draw it. Therefore, you must keep a sharp eye on your account balance, even to the pennies. If the previous balance mismatches the current one, report to Revolut.


Revolut has been around for a while, with a good market cap and an array of good features. They operate in 150+ countries with 29+ currencies, and is no physical bank, operating online only.

Keep things in control, even through you’re backed up by the European central bank, especially for large amounts of money. Is Revolut safe for large amounts? Yes, with some sketchy reports here and there, Revolut is pretty safe to transfer large amounts with.

Is It Safe To Give Payoneer My Social Security Number?

Is It Safe To Give Payoneer My Social Security Number

With more than 5 million active users around the globe moving billions of dollars, Payoneer is a trusted transaction service. Since Payoneer is a financial service provider, they often ask for security papers like ID and Passport. Hence, Payoneer sometimes even requires your SSN for verification.

At that situation, you might be wondering, is it safe to give Payoneer my social security number? Is it worth sharing such confidential data with Payoneer? Well, the answer is Yes, it’s completely safe to share your SSN with Payoneer. You’re not only backed up with Payoneer’s strong encryption, but also the law.

Want to know how Payoneer keeps you safe and when it’s dangerous to provide your SSN? Here are what you need to know:

Is Payoneer Safe To Use?

Simply put, Payoneer has been around for over 15 years, doing business in 200+ countries, supporting 150+ currencies. It’s one of the most popular and trusted payment option with no record of getting hacked into.

Well, you might have heard people saying they’ve got scammed or hacked into, but that’s not Payoneer, it’s their own mistakes. Like other payment options, scammers also target Payoneer customers to hack into and steal their money.

Scammers often use phishing emails to take over the account of the user. However, if you take precautionary steps and click on links carefully, things can be real safe. The takeaway is, Payoneer is highly secure to transfer your money and to give your data.

What Personal Data Payoneer Collects?

Although Payoneer is well reputed for their security and privacy, it’s your right to know what you’re sharing with them. Here are the personal data they’ll collect from you and from third party affiliates after getting your verified Payoneer account:

What Personal Data Payoneer Collects

  • Your personal identifiers like your name, email, phone, photo, address, IP, date of birth, etc.
  • Relevant financial information like your bank or card info, details and history of credit history.
  • The relevant internet activities of you, including your IP address using cookies
  • If you represent a business, they collect every commercial information about your business.
  • Geographical location and the related data, such as your area, country, and major movements.
  • Information related to your profession or employment (you may need to submit papers).
  • Biometric data (in the ‘selfie’ form, as they call it) which falls under that special category of data.

Don’t forget to go through the privacy policies and Payoneer rules before you start your transactions.

Is It Safe To Give Payoneer My Social Security Number?

Now for the fun part of the discussion, is it safe to give Payoneer my social security number? Are they trusted enough to provide your social security card number or national Identification number? The answer is Yes, Payoneer is essentially well secure as a private entity to share your data with. Here are few things to know about Payoneer asking for security identifications:

Is It Safe To Give Payoneer My Social Security Number

Why Payoneer asks for your Social Security Number (SSN)?

Since Payoneer works as an intermediate transaction service, so they have to be compliant with the government. They’re working in 200+ countries, and every country has a distinct way to track its citizens’ tax information.

If you’re a USA citizen, the government keeps tracks of your financial holdings and tax info using your SSN. Therefore, Payoneer asks you for your SSN so that they can comply with the USA government.

On the flip side, if you’re not a USA citizen, and your government doesn’t provide an SSN, you’ll provide ID. Payoneer will provide your transaction data to the government along with your national ID that your government uses for tracking.

How Payoneer handles your data?

The reason being, they’ve clearly stated that they don’t sell any of your personal information. And we’ve already talked about what kind of personal information they usually collect and ask for.

Once Payoneer has your data on their hand, they may store it on their server, or third party cloud servers. They use SSL technology to keep all your credentials secure as you do transactions or log into your account.

Can You Get Scammed on Payoneer?

Getting scammed on Payoneer is pretty common news to hear on the internet. However, if you pay close attention, none of them are associated with a breach into Payoneer’s server. It’s mostly the victims themselves who get hacked into because of a phishing email or losing the login credentials accidentally.

So, if you’re wondering if you can get scammed on Payoneer, the answer would be yes. It’s the third party scammers that Payoneer has nothing to do with. To prevent accidental breaches, Payoneer has 2-steps authentication system. A common way of spammy email is regarding Payoneer buyer protection, beware of that.

Tips To Be Safe On Payoneer

Being safe while using Payoneer can be an easy job since Payoneer has a good security on their end. All you need to do is, keeping things secure from your end, and everything will be just fine. Here are a few safety tips that will keep you safe from scammers after completing Payoneer verification:

Tips To Be Safe On Payoneer

  • Turn on the 2-step verification system on login, which will give you a great manual security of your account.
  • Beware of account takeover that scammers often do with fishing links, Credential stuffing, or social engineering.
  • Suspect every email notifications you get regarding or from Payoneer and check the email address and the associated links in it.
  • Keep track of your balance to every penny on your Payoneer account, and report immediately even a penny goes undone.
  • Use only a secure device when you’re logging into your Payoneer account, and don’t connect the device to a public wifi.
  • Never share your credentials with anybody, never put them in an easy accessible place such as your unprotected PC or phone.
  • Know the all the security features Payoneer has to offer, and let their customer service rep know whenever you suspect a fraudulent activity.

Final Verdict

Payoneer being one of the most trusted payment solutions in the world, they’re operating with a robust reputation for security. If you’re a citizen of the USA, and wondering if is it safe to give Payoneer my social security number, no worries. They’re asking for it only to comply with the US government.

For security, Payoneer is completely safe to trust. Unless you’re losing your information provided to Payoneer beforehand, you’re safe after you log into your account. All your transactions and personal data are stored securely on Payoneer’s server.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Paypal Credit?

How to use and pay the PayPal credit

PayPal has a vast market cap in the respective industry because it offers loads of features. PayPal credit is one of them with which you get a credit line to spend at once and pay gradually. You will have certain rules here to agree with PayPal, of which setting a certain monthly payout is one.

If you fail to pay that amount monthly, or as a whole, that can be a concern. So, what happens if you don’t pay PayPal credit? And, if you pay it late, will there be a late fee charged externally? We’ll talk about everything associated with late or no payment for PayPal credit today.

What Is Paypal Credit And How Does It Work?

To put things in perspective, PayPal credit works like the regular banks and credit card issuers you may already be using. PayPal will provide you a reusable credit line to spend instantly, and pay the money over time. They use Synchrony bank as their credit card company like their other services.

Paypal Credit And How Does It Work

You have to agree with PayPal to pay them a certain amount each month to cap the credit you’ve used. It’s usable everywhere PayPal is accepted, as the credit is associated with your PayPal account. They’ll keep your credit scores updated as you spend and pay the due back with the pre-determined payout amount.

There will be a credit limit, and you have the ability to set a minimum payment option as you pay back months on purchases. You can set a minimum payment (monthly) and have instant credit availability whenever buying from online stores or others.

Now let’s see how PayPal charges you for providing PayPal credit:

Charges associated with PayPal credit

Just like regular credit cards, PayPal also charges you an interest based on your account type. If it’s a new account, PayPal charges you an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 23.99%. However, the percentage varies with their prime rate, and PayPal has it on their agreement. The minimum interest associated with the PayPal credit is $2.00.

No interest if paid in 6 months

First off, PayPal has no annual basic fees or charges for unused PayPal credits. Plus, PayPal will not charge you with an interest if you pay the full amount you’ve spent within 6 months of the purchase.

Larger purchases have to be $99 or more to avail this facility, and it’s available for every payment you make. They will have your credit history balanced on monthly payments and have a credit limit if not paid on time.

If you fail to meet these criteria, PayPal will charge you full credit interests with a penalty.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Paypal Credit?

The basic rule is to use the PayPal credit just like any other regular purchase online. In return, PayPal wants you to pay the amount with (or without, if paid in 6 months) interest to cap the money you (technically) borrowed. Here is what happens if you don’t pay PayPal credit or fail to pay in time:

What Happens If You Don't Pay Paypal Credit



Penalty for a late payment

You have to pay the PayPal credit every month with the minimum payout amount. If you’re paying for a purchase of $99 or more, PayPal will take it back within 6 months of the payment. However, if you cannot pay a month’s payment, PayPal will charge you a penalty of up to 35 bucks.

However, if you fail to meet the minimum billing cycle of 6 months prior to the previous payout, PayPal will charge you over $40. When you pay PayPal negative balance afterwards, PayPal puts the penalty on you. But if you maintain the 6 billing monthly cycle, the penalty will come to a lower amount of $29.

Although you can use PayPal credit as your go-to payment method, keeping the credit scores right requires paying on time. If you don’t pay the credit card debt properly, late payment fees can be large, and a hectic experience. Getting into a lawsuit with debt collectors is no surprise either.

How to use and pay the PayPal credit?

To use the PayPal credit, you’ll need to have a PayPal account first, regardless of a business or personal account. If you don’t have a Verified PayPal account, get one with everything in place from social security number to avail credit. Already have a PayPal account? Then go to PayPal’s credit website and apply for PayPal credit.

How to use and pay the PayPal credit

Be 100% sure to review their terms and conditions before proceeding to the final step. That will help you keep things legit, and stay out of getting penalized for late payments. Since it’s 100% online, and doesn’t come with a plastic credit card, you cannot use it in brick and mortar stores. So, know what you’re signing for and what happens if you pay PayPal credit late. You can talk to a PayPal customer service rep from PayPal to get a grasp in prior.


PayPal’s vast association with online banking systems, financial institutions, and ecommerce platforms makes payments easier. PayPal credit makes online purchases even more convenient with the flexibility of paying later, buying instantly.

Now that you know what happens if you don’t pay PayPal credit, it’ll be much easier to get the most out of PayPal credit. You’ll be able to make purchases using PayPal credit and still be safe from paying for penalties.

Bear in mind that you don’t want to exceed the day of the month you’re supposed to pay the installment.

How To Delete Stripe Account?

How does a Stripe Account work

When it comes to selecting the most secure payment systems, the Level-1 PCI Service Provider Stripe would top the list. However, despite its incredible features, there’s nothing wrong when you’re trying to remove it.

In fact, we’re getting to know exactly how to delete stripe account once and for all to help you do it. Besides, we’ll talk about how you can even get your identity removed from Stripe’s database.

Not to mention, the payment information you’ve already shared with them in past account activities. If you’re in pursuit of getting off the grid with Stripe, this is the only guide you’ll ever need. Let’s dive in.

How Does a Stripe Account Work?

For those who’re new to the Stripe world, let’s simplify this: What is Stripe, and how does it work?

How does a Stripe Account work

Stripe is a payment processing service provider, just like PayPal, Braintree, Square, 2Checkout, WePay, and a bunch of others. It does transactions on your behalf and transfers money from your customer’s credit or debit card to your business account.

What makes Stripe thrive over all, however, is its highly secure online payments transfer process. The global tech giants like Google, Amazon, Notion, Shopify, Figma use Stripe as their payment system. Easy Stripe integration (API), effortless onboarding, and customization options make Stripe unique. Plus, its payment options, with both one-time and recurring, help businesses grow.

Can You Have More Than One Stripe Account?

Unlike many other payment methods, Stripe allows you to have multiple accounts under one email address. Once you have your verified Stripe Account in place, you can create a new account for each business you might be using with stripe. They’ll all be nested under the main email you used in the first place, and have separate business settings.

That way, you’ll have separate dashboards, separate law matters (tax and all that) associated with each account. Have a look at this video for a comprehensive idea on how you can create a nested account on Stripe:

How To Delete Stripe Account?

Getting your account removed from Stripe can be a simple process if you follow a few steps we’ll talk about. Here is how to delete Stripe account, even if you have your personal and payment information saved on Stripe’s database:

Steps to Closing a Stripe Account

Before you remote your Stripe account, make sure you have no existing balance, as the process isn’t reversible. Besides, you can download your financial reports into a CSV file if you have anything important. Once you’re ready to cancel stripe account or delete it, here are the simple steps to remove your Stripe account in no time:

Step 1: Log into your Stripe account and go to your account dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Account information” under Settings Tab.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and hit the “Close account” button.

*Note: If you have a list of accounts on Stripe, closing one account won’t remove the others. You have to remove each account individually if you tend to remove them all. Each account’s negative balance has to be zeroed before closing, and you can also remove bank account from Stripe.

How to Delete Payment Information Saved Using Link With Stripe

If you have your payment data (that you use at checkout) linked to your stripe account, you have to remove them separately. It’s common to use a third-party application or a client portal to pay with Stripe as your primary payment option.

How to delete payment information saved using Link with Stripe

Stripe keeps these information in a separate cookies’ database for third-party product. You have to manually contact them for Stripe clearing and to disconnect Stripe from the cookies.

You’ll have to go to the Stripe Request page, submit your email address associates with your Stripe account. After that, Stripe will clear up the payment information on your account.

If You Have Your Identity Verified Using Stripe Identity

If you have a Stripe account that you had verified with a Stripe Identity, Stripe won’t remove the account until authenticated. In order to complete the authentication, you have to email Stripe to delete your information and Close stripe account. You have to use mail your request to the stripe support at to start the deletion process.


Now that you know how to delete stripe account, you should bear in mind that this deletion process not reversible. Therefore, you must download all your related account information, financial statements, and delete the account.

However, if you decide to keep on using it with greater security, make sure you have the account secured properly.

Some security tips to keep Stripe secure would be: Enabling 2-step verification, not sharing or writing stripe credentials anywhere, and never clicking suspicious links. The scammers usually  put a lucrative bait in front of you in a spammy mail.