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Using PayPal can be the best solution for online payment problems and security issues. You can easily bypass the cyber attack on your bank account, credit, or debit card by using PayPal for payment. The problem comes out when you cannot use PayPal from your country or have an issue with your network. An unsecured network like a public wifi zone can be a significant threat to your PayPal account.

Although PayPal itself is super secure, PayPal cannot ensure the security from your end. That’s why you must ensure that your PayPal account is secure by using the best VPN for PayPal to keep the hackers out. However, PayPal strongly prohibits using a VPN due to location security issues for their users. So, only the best VPN for PayPal can keep you safe from hackers and PayPal bot itself. 

Can I use a VPN with PayPal? 

For security reasons, PayPal doesn’t want you to log in from a different country or region than the one you’re used to using. You have to let PayPal understand that you’re using your account from the same country. However, if you have to go out of your country for some reason, you have to let PayPal know that you’re out of the country. Not everyone is okay with exposing their personal life with their financial service providers.

Best-Vpn-For-Paypal On top of that, PayPal requires every information about your travel, when you’re coming back, and so on. So, People want to use a VPN and pretend that they are using it from their country. But, PayPal has its own way to catch users if they’re using a VPN to access their account, especially while using cheap or free VPNs. If you use a high-quality VPN with top-notch security, you can use a VPN to access your PayPal account and do transactions. 

Why do I need a VPN for PayPal?

PayPal gives you protection when you make purchases or sell something with a buyer’s or seller’s protection scheme. However, there is no way PayPal can keep you safe from the hackers if you don’t take the security precautions into account. If you end up getting your PayPal account compromised, the hackers can steal your important data, and of course, your money. However, if you use a high-quality VPN, it can encrypt your login credentials and other financial data to keep you safe from the hackers. 

Some highly secure VPNs can easily keep your data encrypted and secure to keep you out of the hacker’s reach. Furthermore, if you’re browsing from public wifi, the hackers can easily sneak up on your browsing history and get your keystrokes. With a VPN, you can bypass them with proper encryption before your device connects to the network.

5 best VPN for PayPal

PayPal’s security system makes your account more secure, and the same reason can refer you to the opposite! However, if you have to use a VPN to access your PayPal account, here are the best VPN for PayPal that you can rely on: 

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is by far the best VPN service compatible with accessing PayPal without getting into a problem. It comes with over 5500+ servers, which are available in 59 countries, making it one of the richest VPNs with the most servers. You’ll get a military-grade encryption system with the VPN to get you the best encryption technology. This VPN has no user logging policy, so they aren’t going to record your data to distribute later. 

You can use up to 6 devices with a single connection simultaneously and can get customer service 24/7 if you get into a problem. With this feature on, you can use the VPN on any device with almost any OS for great user experience. Apart from PayPal, you can also use it for all the restricted sites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, and so on, no matter where you are traveling. 

2. PrivateVPN

With more than 150 servers in 60 countries around the globe, a PrivateVPN service is also a good option for accessing PayPal. It doesn’t have a user data logging policy to put you at risk of a data breach. On top of that, you will get a kill switch to protect your data if an emergency situation comes up. This VPN has an intelligent auto-reconnecting feature to help you with fluctuating network connections. You can use up to 6 devices at the same time from different devices.

It comes compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and some routers to allow the users to operate the VPN. You can use it for unlocking different services like Amazon prime video, PayPal, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and some other renowned service. The customer service system of PrivateVPN service is pretty helpful as it’s available 24/7 with email support. With its 30-days money-back guarantee, you will have the confidence to shift to another if you don’t feel comfortable.

3. CyberGhost

If you’re a beginner to VPNs and need a simple user interface with a highly capable service, the CyberGhost VPN is for you. It comes with more than 5900 servers to make you virtually anywhere in the world from over 90 countries. Its 256-bit encryption technology is military-grade and capable of encrypting almost any type of data the user has. There is no logging policy for its users, and CyberGhost VPN looks determined about the privacy of its users. 

They also have a longer money-back guarantee of over 45 days, which indicates their confidence in their service. You will get an automatic kill switch if there are any security issues that come up while browsing the internet to keep you safe. With the 24/7 live chat and email support, you can contact CyberGhost VPN to solve any problem you may encounter. It stands out from the other VPN services with better device support as well. You can use up to 7 devices with a single account simultaneously from a different OS and different services or websites. 

4. ExpressVPN

Express VPN will be my second most reliable VPN service to access PayPal account with some impressive features. With this VPN, you’ll get more geographic locations than Nord, which is 160 around the world with 3000+ servers. The AES-256 encryption technology of Express VPN is capable of keeping your data 100% safe and secure. You can also be worry-free about the user data logging policy of Express VPN. 

It doesn’t keep any log of its users and comes with an automatic kill switch for an emergency situation. It allows the users to use up to 5 devices with a single user account simultaneously with the split-tunneling technology. It also works with all the major restricted services and sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and so on. You can use Express VPN on any device you may have with any Operating system you may are running with. 

Private Internet Access

The last but not the least choice for accessing PayPal with VPN is the Private Internet Access. It’s one of the most reliable VPN services online, which comes with over 3200+ servers from 46 countries to make you virtually anywhere. You can access PayPal from your native country no matter which part of the world you’re in right now. The military-grade encryption system of Private Internet Access will ensure you’re getting the top-notch security for your online presence.

It has a zero-log policy for its users with a very capable MACE malware blocking technology in it. You can use it for accessing any restricted site, including PayPal, Netflix, HBO GO or Now, Sky Go, Youtube, and any other website or service. It’s capable of running from any operating system including routers, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, even has an extension for chrome. You can use up to 10 devices simultaneously with this VPN from different devices or different OS with a single account.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about accessing PayPal account using a VPN that you might find useful: 

Is it safe to pay for a VPN with PayPal?

There is not much of a problem in paying for a VPN with your PayPal account as long as it’s a renowned VPN. Some VPNs keep the log of your payment information, which can be dangerous.

Can PayPal track your location?

PayPal uses the browser’s location tracking system to determine where you’re browsing from. It also knows which IP you’re using to access your account, which indicates where you are. 

Can you pay NordVPN with PayPal? 

PayPal, as the payment system for NordVPN, has been discontinued for a while now. NortVPN did it because they went for a fully self-hosted payment system with a partnership with Adyen. 

Final thought

PayPal became the best online payment system with the top-notch security system to hide the user’s actual card or bank account data. When an eCommerce site gets compromised, the hackers will get your PayPal account instead of the actual bank information. So, they cannot sneak up to your money to drain it out, and that’s why PayPal is so popular. 

A VPN allows the user to travel overseas and still access PayPal with an IP from his own country. It can provide better security on data breaches, especially if you’re accessing your account from a public network. If you’re planning to use the best VPN for PayPal among the list I’ve compiled in this post, I’d suggest the CyberGhost VPN. It comes with the maximum number of servers and a better user support policy.

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