How to Bypass Paypal Limited Account (100% Working)

PayPal is the most secure online payment solution, and it has a very good reputation for that. However, the security comes with a strict rule of being harsh on the users who don’t know the user policies thoroughly. They violate different rules only to find out that PayPal has put a limitation on the account, which can be both temporary or permanent. If you engage fraudulent activities or violate the user agreements like selling illegal items, PayPal will limit your account. 

A temporary limitation and a permanent one have different outcomes, whereas a permanent limitation gives you no good way-out. Nevertheless, if you’re facing a temporary limitation, there is hope, and you can bypass PayPal limited accounts if you have the necessary documents. Stick to the article to know what actions put a limitation on your PayPal account and how you can overcome it.

Tips to Avoid Your Paypal Account From Becoming Limited

The best way to keep using PayPal without any issues is by knowing what you’re allowed to do and what not. Here are the most important things you must know if you’re planning to avoid account limitations on PayPal:

Tips to Avoid Your Paypal Account From Becoming Limited

Know What Puts the Limitations

PayPal has strict rules for putting a limitation on an account that you should never violate. Here are the reasons why you can get a limitation on PayPal, and you must know them if you want it safe:

  • If PayPal detects an unauthorized activity such as logging in from a different IP address, they will limit the account. 
  • If you engage any fraudulent or illegal activities such as selling drugs, pornographic items, or weapons, you’re getting a limitation for sure. 
  • If you or your card provider company complains of a stolen or compromised card connected to your account, PayPal will proceed with a limitation. 
  • When you start getting rapid and sudden chargebacks or claims from your buyers or clients, PayPal takes it suspiciously and limits your account. 
  • If PayPal sees that you started an entirely new product line, especially high-end and high-risk items, PayPal puts a limitation for verification. 

Verify Your Account Properly  

The first thing you have to do after opening a PayPal account is verifying it before conducting any transactions. You can verify the account by adding a credit or debit card along with a bank account to your account. If it’s a business account, provide the financial and legal information about the business to verify it’s a legit business. It will help you stay out of the suspense of PayPal as they understand you’re here not to do illegal activities. 

Don’t Receive Large Amounts

Once you verified your profile, you should wait for a while before doing large transactions. PayPal keeps a keen eye on the people who make large transactions right after opening the account. Unless you’re using a business account, you shouldn’t have impossible amounts coming in or out from your account. Take a few days with smaller transactions and increase it slowly without making PayPal skeptical. 

Never Use Proxy Ip Addresses

PayPal strongly discourages using proxy IP addresses because they don’t like IP fluctuations to keep it suspense-free. Use the Paypal account from a specific device that you use single-handedly every time you log in and keep it secure. When you have to go overseas and have to change IP addresses, open a travel account mentioning how long you’re traveling for. PayPal will locate you with the travel account and won’t put any limitations on your account. 

Don’t Contact Limited Accounts

Contacting limited PayPal accounts also may create a suspicious situation for your PayPal account. If you have multiple PayPal accounts or have a friend with a limited account, don’t contact the limited account with the good one. Don’t send money to the limited account or request money, or you may end up getting your good account limited. 

Be Careful While Using eBay

eBay and PayPal are both the same company, and they have integrations for the marketplace and payment solution. It’s by far the most abusive place for PayPal users where you have to deal with scammers a lot. If you’re a buyer or seller on eBay and using PayPal for the transitions, be careful about getting negative reviews. Too many negative reviews, claims or chargebacks can help you get your Paypal account limited! 

How to Bypass Paypal Limited Account?

Getting your PayPal account limited isn’t a pleasant experience; it can make the business go down, or personal transactions get stuck. If you already have a limited PayPal account, Here are the steps you can take to bypass PayPal limited account: 

How to Bypass Paypal Limited Account

If It’s a Permanent Limitation

If you notice that PayPal has put a permanent limitation on your account, there is nothing much you can do about it. If you have no balance in the account to care about, you should open a new account and start fresh. However, if the account has balance in it, you can only do one thing, and that’s a refund that PayPal allows you to do. 

You can refund the balance to a loyal customer you may previously have after contacting them personally. After the refund, contact the customer separately to send you the money to a new account you’re opening. 

If It’s a Temporary Limitation

Most of the time, PayPal puts a temporary limitation on your account to verify you’re making legitimate transactions. If you got a temporary limitation, PayPal would ask for documents that verify it’s you, and the transactions are legit. They may ask for invoices from the supplier, payment information, proof of your address or identity, shipment or tracking information, etc. 

Read the message associated with the limitation cause and provide all the information they’re asking for in the support box. PayPal will review them and ask for more information if needed and lift the limitation within 3 business days or less. This way, you can bypass the limited PayPal account and regain full access to your account for full-fledged transactions. 

Final Thought

Using PayPal can get you the comfort of instant transactions worldwide, no matter which currency you’re paying or receiving with. Sending money, withdrawing it fast, and shopping online without sharing card information is easy with PayPal. However, if you violate any of the PayPal user policies while using PayPal, they limit your account from regular functionality. 

Although the limitation is for your own safety, it can be annoying if you have important transactions. You can bypass PayPal limited account following the ways I’ve mentioned and know the tips to avoid limitations in the first place.