Can Revolut Be Used as a Credit Card?

Yes, Revolut can be used as a credit card depending on the account you open with them. Revolut is a renowned financial service that offers many prepaid debit cards virtually and physically. Opening an account with Revolut is easy using their app which you can get on IOS and Android in a minute.

A Revolut credit card offers many benefits and comes so recommended by various tech gurus. Presently, more than 16 million account holders have access to the many Revolut credit cards you can get access to.

How Many Types of Credit Cards are Available in Revolut?

Revolut fintech company offers many credit cards which include, standard cards, Revolut plus cards, Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal cards.

How Many Types of Credit Cards are Available in Revolut

Revolut Standard card

There are the normal cards issued to all their customers who have free accounts. This card enables you to make transactions globally without paying any charges.

It also removes all types of fees during exchange rates of over 100 countries. The standard card offered by Revolut is a basic card that aligns with all interbank exchange rates.

Revolut Plus card

This classic card is offered to Plus customers and costs £2.99 monthly. The plus card is 2FA enabled and insured by the FDIC. When it gets missing, you can get it replaced for free.

It is available in physical and virtual forms. You are allowed to use this plus card for transactions in more than 140 countries. It comes with a monthly limit of £120,000.

Revolut Premium card

This exclusive Revolut card provides customers with better limits. You will also get free ATM withdrawals and a juicy travel insurance benefit. Its monthly fee is around £6 to £7 which hinges on the Revolut card you want to get. However, if you pay yearly, you will get a 15% discount.

It is recommended for those who are into the cryptocurrency business and deal in numerous transactions. Please note that this Revolut card is only available to customers with permanent residence in about 30 countries in the EU.

Revolut Metal card

The latest card is offered by the top fintech company. It is designed with steel and weighs about 16 grams. It comes in 5 colors which are Silver, gold, black metal, rose gold and space gray.

While the first two are MasterCard, the latter are Visas. It is recommended that customers Buy Verified Revolut account because it offers the best features on all financial services.

Some interesting features about the Revolut Metal card are a nice cashback bonus which is around 0.01% and a good security chip. If you are searching for a card with flexible travel insurance and free withdrawal, this is a good choice.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Revolut As a Credit Card

The Revolut credit card is a great option for customers involved in financial services. Let’s look at some merits and demerits of the Revolut card.

Revolut credit card

Pros Of Revolut

Access to Junior accounts

When using the Revolut card, you can use both your account and junior account without requiring another card.

Can be used on all online transactions

Revolut cards are good for any purchases online as they are accepted for virtually all e-commerce stores or e-platforms.

Free replacement

Unlike other credit cards, where you pay for replacing your lost or damaged cards. All Revolut cards come with two free replacements anytime you request them.

Transactions Protection

The Revolut cards come with free protection from all transactions. This means if you encounter any problem during online and offline dealings, you are covered.

Free and affordable

For those who use the Revolut Standard card, they get the cards free of charge. However, if you want other exclusive cards, you pay a nominal fee for a great card.

Free delivery

Once you download the app and apply for your card. Your card will be delivered to any European address free. This will save you some funds and make it easy to get m

Free health insurance for travelers

Those who are travelling for health and medical issues can get health insurance free when they have the card.

Quick access to crypto trading

If you aim to deal in cryptocurrency, then this card is a nice choice. The currency rates are cheap, and all transactions are safe.

Cons Of Revolut

Monthly withdrawal limitations

The Revolut card comes with some limits, especially for standard cardholders. These limits might not be favorable to those who are into huge transactions.

No cash back options

Unless you are a revolut cardholder, you don’t get cashback options. This might not be favorable to customers with other cards.

Phone support unavailable

Many Revolut cardholders have complained that they don’t get phone support. When in dire need, you need to go online to tender your complaints.

 In-app chat features lagging

While their chat options on the app work, sometimes it’s slow and affects customer support. Limited to European countries. Except if you are in Europe, you won’t be able to have access to the excellent features of these cards.

Is Revolut Credit Card Worthy?

Yes, the Revolut credit card is worthy and should be accessed because it provides customers with great financial services. Some of which are:

Is Revolut Credit Card Worthy

Make global payments

The Revolut cards allow clients to transfer and withdraw funds in more than 32 currencies at good exchange rates. Payment with Apple or Google pay. Using Revolut pay, you can purchase all Google and Apple stores.

Easy payments for bills

The Revolut card allows you to pay for all bills easily without incurring charges. Allows card management. You have better control of your account with Revolut cards by locking cards, easy monitoring of your card amongst others.

Pay for travel extras is easy

All Revolut cards can be used to pay for travel cards and book accommodations easily.

Final Thought

When considering banking with a fintech service like Revolut, you should look at their credit card types and the advantages you can get when using them. Revolut credit cards remain the best choice for customers involved in financial transactions in Europe, while it has many benefits, it does come with a few cons.