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Imagine you are on a trip to a foreign country, and you have no money on you but the PayPal account to run with. If you find a limitation on your PayPal account, you won’t be able to Transfer or Withdraw, and that can be a frustrating experience. Most of the online businesses use PayPal […]
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Imagine you are on a trip to a foreign country, and you have no money on you but the PayPal account to run with. If you find a limitation on your PayPal account, you won’t be able to Transfer or Withdraw, and that can be a frustrating experience.

Most of the online businesses use PayPal as their transaction partner; getting a limitation could become a huge loss for sure. There are a lot of reasons why you may find yourself with an account limitation on PayPal. Knowing them and acting accordingly will keep you safe from getting the account limitations.

I will get you through the reasons for getting an account limitation on PayPal and let you know how you can lift the limitation.

What is PayPal Account Limitation?

To put it in simple words, PayPal account limitation is a temporary activity restriction that PayPal puts on your account. PayPal will put an account limitation if it finds out any kind of suspicious activity or if you violate any rule.

PayPal Account Withdrawal & transfer limits

When PayPal puts Transfer or withdrawal limitation on your account, most essential functionalities are limited for you. PayPal doesn’t allow a limited account to send, spend, receive, or withdraw the money in the account. However, you can lift the limitations on your PayPal account once you can prove your innocence to PayPal.

A limitation on your PayPal account may look like victimization, but it’s how PayPal keeps its users safe and sound with their money.

PayPal account verification and transfer limitation

If your account is unverified, your withdrawal limitation is $500 per month. Once you get verified, the limitation will differ from country to country anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000 in a single transaction. There will be no limitation in the total amount for a verified account. You can verify your account in two ways, by linking your bank account to your PayPal account or connecting and linking a debit or credit card number.

Also, you will have to provide your shipping address, billing address, along with the card expiration date. You can also provide card security code and verify the security code PayPal will provide you in a description of a transaction and your social security number.

When you get a Limitation on your PayPal account?

keeps an eye on each of the accounts they have in their database. Whenever they
notice some unusual activities on any account, PayPal will take a security
caution to protect your account from potential fraud. Here are the reasons why
you will get a PayPal account limitation:

  1. If you make
    a transaction that doesn’t follow PayPal’s Use Policy, such as buying or
    selling any banned items like guns or drugs.
  2. If you are
    running a merchant and get too many claims or chargebacks from your buyers, in
    this case, PayPal will review your account and put your account in limitation
    until the review process is over.
  3. If you make
    transactions requiring regulatory commission compliance and don’t provide the
    required papers to make the transactions, such as, if you run a non-profit
    organization, you must submit the proper paperwork to the PayPal authority
    before collecting funds using the account. If PayPal detects such activities,
    it will put a limitation on your account and lift it once the claims are
  4. If you lose
    your credit or debit card, complain to your card provider, and the provider
    notifies PayPal about the incident, PayPal will put a limitation on your
    account. The same thing happens if an unauthorized user uses your card, and
    your card provider notifies that to PayPal.
  5. If you don’t
    verify your PayPal account and keep using it for a long time, PayPal will put a
    limitation on your account to prevent any fraud from your end.
  6. When PayPal
    understands that someone has logged in your account without authorization from
    you. Any kind of suspicious login will trigger an account limitation to your
    PayPal account.
  7. If you log
    in to your PayPal account from too many IPs or devices, PayPal may put a
    limitation on your account. This also could happen if you travel to another
    country without notifying PayPal that you are traveling.

How do you know if you have a limitation on your account?

If PayPal puts a limitation on your account, PayPal will notify you about the case over email or using the PayPal’s account overview page. Either way, prior notification will ask you to take quick action, or your account will put to a limitation.

If you end up getting an account limitation anyway, PayPal will notify you about that and ask you to provide the necessary documents. The notification will provide you some requirements to fulfill if you want to lift the limitation.

will ask for papers or documents depending on the reason for the limitation,
such as:

  1. Your
    shipping address and all the documents that identify you as a legal person to
    have the account.
  2. All the
    documents of recent transactions, including the receipts and payment proofs.
  3. Invoices
    from the suppliers you paid with PayPal account.
  4. Shipment and
    tracking information, including the transaction proofs from your buyer.
  5. Legal papers
    of your non-profit organization from the Regulatory Commission.

How can you lift the Account Limitation?

To remove the limitations off your PayPal account, you will have to provide all the information and the documents PayPal asks you for. PayPal will take time to verify the provided documents and make sure your account is safe to lift off the limitations.

PayPal will get back to you within three business days and may ask for more documents or additional information. If all of your papers are up to date and you are clean, it will not take long to remove the limitations from your account.

Bottom line

PayPal puts account limitations to prevent any fraud or scam and keep its users safe. If you have got a limitation, it’s for your or PayPal’s greater good. Be patient and wait until the limitations are lifted.

You can review the account limitation status from the resolution center from your account. You can contact PayPal on their customer service anytime for any information on your account limitation.

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eBay is the perfect eCommerce platform to sell the goods you don’t need anymore or if you want to buy something that you cannot find elsewhere. It’s a very well known platform where you can find goods that are rare in any other eCommerce platforms online. eBay account for business or personal use: How to […]
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eBay is the perfect eCommerce platform to sell the goods you don’t need anymore or if you want to buy something that you cannot find elsewhere. It’s a very well known platform where you can find goods that are rare in any other eCommerce platforms online.

eBay account for business or personal use: How to set up and use

There are plenty of possibilities to do businesses on eBay to buy and sell in small or large quantities. Either you want to buy or sell items, you need an account on eBay first. There are two types of accounts on eBay, one for personal usage, another for business purposes. I will talk about how you can set up an account on eBay.

How to set up an eBay account for business or personal use

eBay Personal or Business? Which one to go with?

you get through the procedures of setting up an account, you should know which
type of account you should go with. Both of them come with their pros and cons;
Here I will give you an idea about both of them.

Personal account

personal account on eBay is for casual buying and selling; you will be able to
buy and sell items but in a limited amount. You can sell only the items that
are marked for resale; you cannot do business and sell in a large amount. You
cannot accept payments from non-US accounts, if you still want to, you will
have to pay an extra fee of 1% of each transaction. If you want to convert your
existing personal eBay account into a business account, you can do it easily. I
will talk about that in this article later.

Business account

you go for a business account on eBay, there will be some extra paperwork as
it’s a full-scale business. The annual taxations of your income and business
will be complicated as well. However, you make money; you give in some extra
effort, so that’s okay. Now for the advantages of having a business account on
eBay are way more than the cons of it.

you start as a new seller, you will have selling limitations as low as $500 and
10 items a month. However, as you grow bigger with a positive experience, your
limitations will be way higher. You will have access to better promotions and
tools to do your business easily. Your taxes will be lower, and you are getting
legal protections as a registered business.

How to set up a Personal account

set up your personal account on eBay, follow the procedure mentioned below:

  • First off, you need to go to and
    navigate to the top left corner where you can find the “Register” button. Click
    on the Register button, and you will have some input fields with the name,
    email, and password labels above them.
  • Put in your first name, last name, and your valid
    email address, which you have instant access to, then create a new password.
  • You can register with your Google or Facebook
    account, click on the “Continue with Facebook” or “Continue with Google” on the
    right side of the screen.
  • After you’ve inserted all your information on the
    proper fields, you should read the User Agreements and the Privacy Notice.
  • Now hit on “Create account” Button, and eBay will
    redirect you to the homepage. Now you have to personalize your account.

Personalizing your account

to the “My eBay” button to the top right of the homepage of eBay to personalize
your account. However, you can start selling items right after you created the
account. Follow the procedure to personalize:

  • Navigate to the “Personal info” tab to input
    additional information about your account. Here, you can put in password
    security, edit the shipping address for the items you purchase on eBay.
  • The “Payment Options” tab will allow you to add
    your PayPal account; you can also add your debit or credit card for checkout.
    PayPal is owned by eBay as well, so PayPal will give you a better eBay
  • Under the “Account Preferences” tab, you can
    change all your essential information about selling, payments, and more.

How to set up an eBay Business account

a business account on eBay is pretty much the same as opening a personal
account, you will have to provide some extra information, that’s it.

  • After you hit the “Register” button from the top
    left corner of the eBay homepage, you will see a line, saying, “Have a
    business? Create a business account”, hit on that link, and you will be
    redirected to another Registration page.
  • Put it the business name that you own and going
    to use while doing business on eBay.
  • After putting in the business name, you have the
    business email field, put in the email address which you use for business
    purposes, reenter the mail address on the next field.
  • Now create a new password and input the business
    phone number you use. After that, put in the verification numbers you can see
    on the screen with an input field beneath it.
  • Once you put in all the info, recheck them and
    hit Register. You will be redirected to the eBay homepage again, and you have
    created your eBay business account.

How to convert a Personal account into a Business account

you already have a personal account and want to use that account as a business
account, you can do so after converting it into a business account.

  • Log in to
    your eBay account and hit the “My eBay” button to the top right corner and
    navigate to the “Personal Info” Tab.
  • Now navigate
    to the “account type” tab and hit the “account settings” button, you can see an
    “Edit” button there, It allows you to convert your personal account into a
    business account.
  • If eBay asks
    you to log in again, do it and start putting in all your business information
    and hit “Save”

Bottom line

eBay is a great way for brand marketing, and it’s also a great site for bidding as well. You can do a great business if you get to know all the expert tips, make sure you reach out to the expert sellers around you to know more about the selling hacks.

You must lessen all the hassle of financial transactions while doing business with eBay. Keep a proper record of all your business and taxation papers; it will help you with the hassle at the end of the year.

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Paypal is the biggest online payment system recognized worldwide, with over 277 million users, including 22 million merchants. On the other hand, the most prominent online epidemic is that people are victims of scams, frauds, and hackings online; some of them are hoaxes, and some are real. With the dilemma of getting scammed in mind, […]
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Paypal is the biggest online payment system recognized worldwide, with over 277 million users, including 22 million merchants. On the other hand, the most prominent online epidemic is that people are victims of scams, frauds, and hackings online; some of them are hoaxes, and some are real. With the dilemma of getting scammed in mind, many people wonder if they can trust PayPal with their money.

Well, there is no doubt that PayPal itself is one of the most secure online platforms that you can trust with your money. However, there are so many outside scams that PayPal cannot handle if you don’t know how to keep yourself safe, and I’m here to help you with that.

PayPal Tips you must follow

PayPal’s security is useless until you know how to stay safe from your end. Here are the things you should know and follow to stay safe while using PayPal:

PayPal Safety tips

1. Don’t link your Debit card or Bank account to your
PayPal account

Although PayPal wants you to link your bank account to your PayPal account and you have fewer charges that way as well, but it’s not safe to do so. If something goes wrong and your PayPal account gets compromised, the fraudsters will pull all your money out from your bank account.

However, if you want to link your bank account with the PayPal account, the bank has to be from the US, according to federal law, you have 2 Days to refute the fraudulent charges.

2. You can link your credit card to your PayPal account

When you shouldn’t link your Bank account or debit card to your PayPal account because you have less security with that! Now for the same reason, you can link your credit card with PayPal account because there is security with doing so.

If you get compromised somehow, the fraudsters may suck off your money from the account, but you have a chance to claim a refute up to 60 days from your credit card provider company.

3. That email may not be from PayPal!

you get an email from the official PayPal website, it still may not be an email
from the PayPal service! There are ways of work the fraudsters and the scammers
use, such as phishing email, email spoofing, and so on. They use these ways to
make real-like emails and send them to the targeted person. If you are a
target, they may send you an email using the official email address of PayPal,
including some links on the email body.

this, PayPal will never include clickable links on the email body, and you
should never click on them if you can see a link. If you get an email, you can
manually log in to your PayPal account, and look at the dashboard if there is
something you should look at.

4. Keep your device’s security up-to-date

your PayPal account gets compromised, it’s not PayPal’s fault; you have to make
sure that you are safe from your end as well. To start securing yourself, you
must secure the device you use to log in to your PayPal account in the first
place. Make sure you have installed all the latest security patches that your
device’s manufacturer provides as a security update.

security patches contain the antivirus programs to the latest spyware and
malware that may harm your device’s security system. If your device gets
hacked, the hackers get their hands on your login credentials as well.

5. Never use a public PC to Log in to your PayPal account

One thing you never should do is log in to any of the important sites, including PayPal, using a public PC. Public wifi zones and PCs are the easiest to crack in and hack personal data of the people who are using it. Anybody who was in that PC can install spyware or keylogger on that PC, which makes you vulnerable.

That spyware will collect the login credentials you put in, and send them to the backdoor the fraudsters put in that PC. This is how they will easily get access to your PayPal account.

6. Use a trusted internet connection to log in to the
PayPal account

When you are using a PC in your home, you still have to take precautions to protect yourself from the fraudsters. If you use an internet connection that you don’t know much about, you are in danger even if you are using your own device.

It’s even worse if you are using a wifi connection because Wifi connections are easier to crack in. What you should do is, Use a trusted internet service provider, use a wired ethernet connection on your PC to access the internet.

7. Get yourself verified and use only Verified merchants

Anybody can create a PayPal account using an email address, but only when you provide enough additional information about yourself, you get verified. Making transactions with verified merchants doesn’t mean that you cannot be a fraudster, but it adds legitimacy and protection as PayPal has their info.

Getting yourself verified is easy enough; you have to link your bank account to the PayPal account. You can have an additional Bank account with less money in it for PayPal.

8. Keep an eye on your PayPal balance

you are checking your PayPal Balance, keep a record on that, make sure you are
paying attention up to the cents. Fraudsters usually start with cents, then a
whole dollar to Five dollars, and once they understand that you are not
noticing the changes, they give it a big shot. If you keep track of the
balance, you will be able to report it to the PayPal customer service for a
fraud report.

Bottom line

Using PayPal is be a great experience if you know all the possible security vulnerabilities and if you can take prior actions to prevent any kind of breaches. You should get to know the security precautions according to your account type.

If you are a merchant, Use PayPal’s 3D Security Protocol, which is compliant with the SCA even though you have to provide security code to the bank. Use PayPal security keys for extra security and keep your shipments secure.

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We’ve all been through hassle while dealing with that long serial of people while trying to do some transactions using the traditional banking system at some point in our lives. This way of doing things is decades old now in this era of the internet as we have virtual banks with no pile of human […]
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We’ve all been through hassle while dealing with that long serial of people while trying to do some transactions using the traditional banking system at some point in our lives.

This way of doing things is decades old now in this era of the internet as we have virtual banks with no pile of human to stand behind. The main idea behind putting our money in the hand of a bank is to keep the money safe, trust the bank to safeguard our fortune.

Reasons Why Virtual Banking is Better than Traditional Banking

With the help of recent technological advancement, we now have an online banking system along with other things we couldn’t think of as possible decades back. As the virtual banks are evolving, we are still struggling to find a way to trust them because of the consecutive news of fraud and scam online.

Reasons why Virtual Banking is better than Traditional Banking

will talk about the facts that will make you a bit more knowledgeable about the
virtual banking system and attract you to get started with online banking.

1. International businesses are now happening

If we were to do businesses back in the days when Virtual Banking wasn’t here to serve, we had to go through quite a hassle to make transactions overseas. This is why international businesses were like a dream, untouchable just because of payment limitations.

However, now when we are doing online banking and making the payment is not a big deal anymore, businesses are way more manageable. If you live in the US and want to make payments to an Asian company or person, you can do it in seconds using an online banking system.

2. Remote works are easy with Virtual Banking

For example, you are a freelancer from the UK, want to sell your service to a company based in Canada; you can do the transactions with far less time yet paying way less charge to do the transactions.

The reason behind the fees is less is the maintenance costs of a virtual bank is far less than a physical or traditional one; it doesn’t need hundreds of shades overhead for their customers. In some cases, some virtual banks don’t even charge for each transaction at all!

3. Financial transactions without any hassle

All the Virtual Banks are established with one idea in mind, to serve the modern international businesses and payments worldwide. That’sThat’s why all Virtual Banks emphasize the ease of global transactions for small businesses to operate overseas.

Virtual Banks issue payment cards for individuals and businesses around the world, and the users can use their currency for transactions. They usually come with flat ATM fees, and if you use a service, you can withdraw in your currency after getting paid with a foreign currency.

4. Flexible Banking

We have been using the traditional banks for a long time now; there are so many things going wrong with them. You cannot go to the bank with a problem and get a solution, but if you use a virtual bank, they are ready to help you 24/7. Having a physical branch makes the bank out of service for more than half a day and two days a week.

Online banks don’t have this kind of problem as they operate worldwide without having any physical branches at all. They are designed to be able to use with your mobile device over the internet; this means no more serial of people in front of the bank. This allows the banks to be more efficient in their work, and all the customers can control all their finances themselves.

5. Instant international payments

Making international wires is long gone with the online banking system. Virtual banks allow users to accept payments directly from their clients and send payments as well. When you are getting all the banking systems on your hand without having to go anywhere to exchange your currency, it’s easier to make the international payment.

Users can pay online, collect money, or hold on their money using only one account with a user-friendly interface. You can use any currency to make transactions, and they will convert the money for you to the currency you are sending to.

6. Letting the small businesses make transactions with their own terms

Small startups often struggle with their international payment system because they cannot have their own terms of finance. The local banks cannot provide them the financial services that they require from a modern concept.

Virtual banks are established with the intention of helping small businesses grow. This is where they get help from the virtual banks; they can make international transactions in any amount with far fewer charges to pay for each transaction.

7. Simplified B2B payables

When it comes to transactions from businesses to businesses, there are tons of procedures if you are using a traditional banking system. When you are trying to make transactions with virtual banks even internationally, it’s way easier to do so.

You don’t have to wait for the office hours to make your payments or collect it. You can maintain all your business accounts with a single interface because of the easy access to all of them associated with a single account.

8. Less paperwork and more automation

When you have to go to a traditional bank to make transactions with the government or other businesses, you need to go through tons of paperwork. The paperwork slows down your workflow and though you into a maze where understanding things is impossible.

But, when a virtual bank is working for you, it does a lot of automation in the flow, which turns your hassles into blessings. There is no paperwork to make you feel like in a maze; you are relieved from the tension and concentrate on work.

Bottom line

The traditional banking system indeed a great financial solution to us and our businesses. However, along with all the other technological advancements, we now have a great gift and blessing for international and versatile payment systems worldwide.

The virtual banking system allows us to make transactions worldwide in seconds. It comes with less to no transaction fees and works without any official time limitations, 24/7.

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Have you ever gone through news where an eCommerce site has been hacked, and all the credit card information it had on its users is stolen? Well, credit card scam is a common thing on the internet, and there are some ways to stay safe from such scams, getting a virtual credit card is one […]
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Have you ever gone through news where an eCommerce site has been hacked, and all the credit card information it had on its users is stolen? Well, credit card scam is a common thing on the internet, and there are some ways to stay safe from such scams, getting a virtual credit card is one of them.

You can use a virtual credit card number, which will work for you just the way your actual credit card works, but excluding the potential of losing your bank information.

Things You Should Know About Virtual Credit Cards

There are some essential things you must know about virtual credit cards before you tend to get your first virtual card, and I’m here to help with that.

5 Things to know about virtual credit cards

in this article, I will get you through the most important five things that
will enable you to make wise decisions before sharing your bank information on
random sites.

1. What is a Virtual Credit Card?

To put the idea in simple words, a virtual credit card is what it speaks for itself, it’s a credit card, but not a physical one. It’s just a regular credit card with which you can shop online or pay for a service you need from a random site, but you won’t have to worry about getting your bank information leaked to a potential hacker.

When you pay for something you buy online with your existing physical credit card, you need to put in the credit card number on that site. If that eCommerce or service-selling site is renowned for its security, you can keep yourself calm, thinking that your card number is safe in their database.

how does it work?

When you’re not sure if you should share the number on a random input field on the internet or not, you get terrified. To eliminate the potential of getting hacked, you can use a virtual credit card where you will do the same procedure but with no possibility for hacking or fraud. With a VCC (Virtual Credit Card), you will get a randomly generated number that looks exactly like a real credit card number.

You will use it while paying from your actual credit card as your VCC provider will connect the VCC to your Real Card. This VCC number is generated temporarily for a while, which will expire after a certain period and won’t contain any bank information.

2. Where can I get a Virtual Credit Card from?

As the concept of VCC is relatively new to the finance world, not all the banks and financial service providers are providing Virtual Credit Cards right now.

If you are looking forward to a well-established bank to get you a VCC, go for the Eno Virtual Credit Card service, provided by the Capital One bank, but you have to be an active cardholder of Capital one. Citibank is also giving the Virtual Credit Card service for its customers; you can apply for one today.

Free VCC service

If you want to go with Non-Bank and free service for VCC, I Can name “Pay With Privacy”. It’s a free tool for generating Virtual Credit card numbers without any credit card. It comes with tons of features like Single-use card generation, Spending limits, Transaction Suspension, Autofill Payment info, and so on.

Another free service is “Token”; it uses your existing credit or debit card to issue a VCC. It has two options to access, a Chrome browser extension or a free app that you can use on your smartphone.

3. Where not to look for a Virtual Credit Card?

Several renowned financial institutes are not providing VCC, yet if you are a customer of Card issuers like the MasterCard or Bank of America, you are not getting the service anymore.

The bank of America has discontinued its “ShopSafe” service, which was its Virtual Credit Card service. MasterCard also stopped its VCC service for its customers, just like The “Private Payment” VCC service for its customers back in 2004, starting in 2000. PayPal also discontinued its Virtual Debit Card service back in 2010.

4. What if my bank doesn’t have a VCC service
for me?

If your bank doesn’t provide Virtual Credit Card service, you may ask what to do now! Where you can get a VCC service! Well, If you are okay with Non-Bank VCC provider, there are a wide range of options you can find online who are providing Virtual Credit Cards for their users.

There are VCC services based on websites and apps where you can generate VCC numbers for a certain period, which will expire after that time frame; this could be from a few hours, up to a year. Most of them will charge monthly or yearly, and there are free services available as well, but not that much safe to go with. If you

5. Are there any downsides to VCC?

Just like there are so many advantages of using a VCC, there are some disadvantages as well. The most annoying downside of VCC is that you cannot use it offline; they are designed specifically to pay online. If you are not a tech guy, you may feel a little uncomfortable to understand the whole system and get on with it.

If your Virtual Credit Card expires, you may find it hard to return, and you cannot use a VCC if your merchant requires a physical card as proof.

Bottom line

It’s the time when people are highly concern about data breaches; your credit card is a vulnerable point for you if you cannot protect the bank information that card holds on. Safeguard your bank information should have the foremost importance to you and a Virtual Credit Card helps you get your security to another level.

It protects you from the frauds no matter if the merchant itself makes a wrong move or hackers get their hands on the database. They may have a credit card number you provided, but they cannot retrieve any information useful to them to make your position vulnerable on the go.

Although the VCC is only possible to use online, not offline, it still provides a lot of security and peace of mind having one.

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