Ebay Account Suspended: How To Get Back ? (100% Working)

eBay can be a great hobby to make a small fortune as it is for most people. However, it won’t take long to turn into a full-blown business if you do it regularly and see the potential. When you’re making your living with eBay, it can be a devastating experience to get the account suspended. 

Since eBay has a reputation of being very strict, you may think it’s the end of your eBay business, or for that store at least. Well, it’s not entirely the case; hope is still there if you know eBay account suspended how to get back. Stick to the article if you have an eBay account suspended, and I’ll help you understand how to get it back:

Why Do eBay Accounts Get Suspended?

eBay is there to do business and help others to do the same and make their living with it. Usually, eBay explains why they have suspended or restricted your account, which you should’ve read about while opening the account. Here are the most common reasons why eBay may warn you in prior or may suspend your account:

Why Do eBay Accounts Get Suspended

  • If you don’t pay the eBay fees on time, they may restrict or suspend your eBay account.
  • You may get restricted when your card linked to the eBay account expires and fails to pay the fees. 
  • If you violate any user policies like listing an item that’s not legal or not allowed on eBay. 
  • When you violate any VeRO policies like an infringement of trademark, replica, brand name or logo misuse, etc. 
  • Using any offensive words like hate speech while listing an item or talking to somebody will suspend you.
  • If you sell drugs, hazardous materials, alcohol, any other illegal items like homemade weapons.
  • When eBay detects any counterfeit items listed in your account, they’ll suspend your account as well. 
  • Listing recalled items on eBay also gets you an account restriction or suspension on eBay.
  • If you violate any IP (intellectual property) rights and policies, you’ll surely get a restriction if not suspension immediately. 

eBay Account Suspended How to Get Back

If you’ve violated any of the rules of eBay without knowing, you can possibly get your account back just fine. Here are the things you should know if you have an eBay account suspended how to get back with all its functionalities to do business:

eBay Account Suspended How to Get Back

Know the Differences

Not every account issue on eBay is a suspension; there are other levels of suspensions as well. eBay may hold, Restrict, or suspend your account from the site if you violate their accepted parameters of user policies. Once you know what results in what, confronting the issue and getting a way out becomes a lot easier. 

How to Get a Suspended eBay Account Back

If you have an eBay account already suspended for indefinitely, it doesn’t mean you’re out of order. Here is what you have to do to get your eBay account back after getting suspended for violating the rule(s):

Read the Massage Thoroughly

After getting suspended, eBay will send you an email and notify you on the site saying all of your listings are removed. Read the message word by word and understand why eBay has put the suspension on your account. Once you understand why they have it, you can now plan a way out for sure.

Make a Proper Story and Reply

Go to your eBay account, scroll down and click on eBay contact followed by the “Email us” button, then select the “Account” submenu. Then, go to the “Account holds, restrictions and suspensions” menu, and finally select the “Email us” button from the page that appears next. Here, you’ll get a form to write your message to the customer support of eBay to resolve the issue. 

Explain Everything Keeping Them Believable

You have to tell eBay that you’re in financial trouble because of the suspension in the massage. For example, you can say that you’re a single father/mother with children, and you need to stay on business to feed them. Unfortunately, you don’t know the rules properly due to being relatively new to eBay, and you’re going to make it better. When they reply and ask you some questions, ask for any documents, provide everything legitimate. You must keep in mind that you have to say what eBay wants you to answer, not what you want to tell. That’s the secret. 

How to Avoid eBay Suspension?

eBay suspends its user accounts, not for any benefits, but you’ve violated a rule that you might not know about. Here are the different types of restrictions and suspensions on eBay that you can avoid by avoiding the actions they result in: 

How to Avoid eBay Suspension


If you have minor issues like a late payment or an expired payment method, they may hold the account. In that case, you cannot do certain things on the account, but as soon as you resolve that issue, it gets back on track. 


When it’s a medium level of violation of terms of usage, eBay may restrict you from certain actions and functionalities. For example, if you don’t need the minimum standards of performance being an eBay seller, they may restrict you as a seller. The restriction even is for selling certain items, especially for expensive or risky items, as you lack reliability.


On the other hand, suspensions usually happen when the case is egregious, or you’ve violated a major rule. Selling illegal items like a homemade weapon, drugs, using hate speech may get you a suspension for indefinitely. 

Avoid doing these things, and you’ll be safe from getting suspended or restricted on eBay. Keep your payment method up to date, fees clear with eBay, sell regular items, and scale-up slowly to avoid suspense. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about getting suspended on eBay and how to overcome it:

Is eBay Suspension Permanent?

When eBay suspends your account, you cannot bid, sell, or message bidders anymore. The suspension can be permanent If you don’t take proper action to get the account back.

How Long Do eBay Suspensions Last?

eBay suspensions last for indefinitely, and you have nothing to do about it but to massage them explaining. They usually take 24 to 48 hours to reply with a solution to get your account back. 

Can You Open Another eBay Account After Suspension?

eBay doesn’t want your account on their site means they don’t want you in other words. So, if you have to open another account, be sure to use different information for every stage. 

Final Thoughts

eBay keeps a keen eye on every user, ensuring that nobody is violating their accepted user policies. Whenever you violate a certain level of rules, as I mentioned in the article, you end up getting your account held, restricted, or even suspended. However, that doesn’t mean you give up and try another account; you can still get it back if it still falls into legit criteria. 

If you have an eBay account suspended how to get back, you have to follow the steps properly. All you have to do is contact the customer service with explanations and confidence. They’re also human, just like you are, they care about their users, and they’re there to help!