How long does it take after ordering to receive an account?

It usually takes 24-72 hours for the technical department to prepare your services and deliver to you.  Your Bonus Stealth Guide is Immediately Downloadable upon payment.

Can I have more than one PayPal and eBay stealth account?

Yes, you can have as many as accounts you need. If your transaction volume is high. We suggest more accounts.

I am not from USA. Can I use this account?

Yes, you can use from anywhere of the world.

How to pay ? Payment methods

We support various payment methods. You can pay through Skirll,/Neteller/Bitcoin /Perfectmoney/Webmoney/Payoneer and so on . We also support ACH in USA, EU,China and UK customers . We have a global re-seller team in various countries. If you are not able to pay through any payment method mentioned. Please contact us. We will ensure you don’t lose your hope in Digital world.


All our accounts are created by special hands and proven method. It is up to the user to know how to manage Stealth PayPal to avoid suspension or limitation. There needs to be some knowledge in order to run the accounts.

We are not responsible if the account gets limited or suspended. Neither have we given guarantee for any problem after our warranty period is finished. If your account gets suspended or limited in the event of the transfer of information or upon first logging in, in the case, we’ll replace it free of charge for you.

If you follow our Guide 100% and still account got limited within 7 days after delivery .

We still replace the account for free. We sometimes be able to remove limits by special technique.

Please make sure you are absolutely confident in your stealth techniques. Game of eBay & PayPal changes rapidly and can results worse.

Note: you don’t have confidence to manage stealth account, don’t buy.

According to our policy, we will replace the account in case it gets unverified in 30 day of purchase.

In any other case or we find you didn’t maintain our rules .There will be no replacement or refund.

We try our best to provide as much as information to manage stealth accounts. EBay, PayPal policies can change any time.


How old account is?

We have both new/old accounts. We usually deliver fresh accounts. If you look for olds accounts .You can contact us to get old account. We have that too.

How much money can I receive in my account?

We lift the limit of the account. But we strongly suggest you to receive small funds in order to avoid any problem. In a new account, start with small funds. Read our stealth Guide and blog to get more knowledge.

Do I need to use any VPN/VPS?

You can use Paypal form your own computer. But we strongly recommend you to use paid VPN/VPS (not free) in order to avoid risk factors. According to Paypal user Policy, Using accounts from different countries might cause your account limited. Although there are many account holders are safe using their own computer.Also if your computer has been ever used any limited paypal .New accounts using same computer will get your new account limited. We suggest you don’t take that risk.

How do I withdraw money from my account?

If you’re in the United States or Canada, the easiest way to get your money would be to add your own bank and withdraw the money. If you’re outside the United States and Canada, you can send the money to another account and withdraw it

You cannot link your local bank account to PayPal. However you can use Payoneer USA Bank account details to withdraw. Please keep it mind that your PayPal and Payoneer bank account name has to be same. But we don’t recommend Payoneer. Use at your own risk.

If you don’t have any way to cash your paypal $$ . Please contact our support . We can help you .

Does your eBay account have any feedback?

Our usual accounts have no feedback. If you need eBay with feedback. We have feedback account too. Please speak to our skype support to order feedback including account.

Does your account has 21 days hold ?

Our paypal accounts have complete verification badge . Payments less than 100$ doesn’t get 21 day hold. However sometimes it takes 24 hours security period to be released. Payments more than 100$ can be hold sometimes.

For ebay – Fresh accounts has 21 days eBay holding .

Need no holding ebay accounts. Please contact our Customer support.

Can I sell internationally with eBay ?

yes, You can sell internationally after your account received positive feedback.

"live:Paypalunlocked" Is not our skype id .Be careful from him . We received multiple complains about scammers stealing money by our name. Do not pay a single penny on skype without confirming in live chat. Thank you Dismiss