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It’s easier and much safer to use PayPal as a payment solution if you don’t want to share any financial information online. You can easily set up a PayPal account, hook your bank account and cards, and bypass the information with an online vendor. You can do almost any sort of transaction online using PayPal, but how PayPal manages things? How they define your account? How do you present your PayPal account online as a financial account?

The other payment systems and banks or cards use a unique account number to identify your account. However, if you’re wondering how I get my PayPal account number after opening a PayPal account, you have a surprise! You don’t get any! Well, there is more to know about it, stick to the article to know how your PayPal account is managed and how you get an account number.

What is my PayPal account number?

After opening a PayPal account, the first question you may ask is, how do I get my PayPal account number? Just the way you do for any other financial transactions. Well, the answer for PayPal is, you don’t get any account number, especially if you’re a personal account holder. The email address you used while opening the account is the unique identifier for your PayPal account. 

If anybody wants to send you money on PayPal, they use that email address you have in your account. However, if you have a business account and a PayPal cash card, you can get a direct deposit from your buyers or employers. In that case, you can get a unique routing number from PayPal that you’ll use for getting direct deposits from your payers. 

How do I get my PayPal account number?

Usually, when you have to refer somebody to sen you money or pay you with PayPal, you don’t need any account number. PayPal considers the email address you used while opening the account as your account identifier. So, if you’re wondering how do I get my PayPal account number, you don’t need any account number. 

How to receive money

Provide your email address as your PayPal account identifier and use that to get payments from any PayPal account. However, you must verify the email address after opening the PayPal account to be able to use it. After opening the account, PayPal will ask you to verify your email address and the phone number you’ve provided. Verify them both and add a debit or credit card to verify your account as well. You can also link your bank account to withdraw money or fund your PayPal account. Linking the payment system also helps you verify the account and lift the transaction limitation from the account. 

How to set up a direct deposit with PayPal?

The vastly superior popularity of PayPal among the online payment solutions online is its security and user-centric business plan. It allows the users to get paid more securely, and to do business more easily with convenient features. The direct deposit feature is one of the best features of PayPal or business accounts. Here is how you can set up a direct deposit for your business account on PayPal: 

What does the routing number do?

Before you get your PayPal routing number, you have to know that the number is only for receiving payments. If you have to use a unique number for an incoming payment, you will provide the number to your payer for the payment. You should pick a routing number from your employer or your govt. Benefit manager as well. You will need a business account and a cash debit card to obtain the direct deposit feature that allows you to get a routing number. 

Get your direct deposit number set up

To get your direct deposit number, go to the PayPal website and login to your account with the login credentials. You can see a gear icon on the top right corner of the landing page, click on the gear icon to go to your profile settings. In the settings page, you will see the option for “Set up or View direct deposit” for your profile on that page. Click on this option, and you will see your deposit information, including the account number and routing number. You can copy and save these numbers to provide them to your employer or benefits manager later for further usage. The routing number will ensure the payments are arriving in you safe and easy. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about PayPal account number and direct deposit routing number that you might have an interest in: 

Do you need a bank account for PayPal?

No. You don’t necessarily need a bank account to use PayPal, or while verifying the account. You can use a debit or credit card to verify or fund your Paypal account to obtain full features. 

Can I get a direct deposit to PayPal?

You can get a direct deposit to your PayPal account if you own a business account. You will need a PayPal cash card debit card for the deposit that you can accept with a routing number.

Can you use PayPal as a bank account?

As you can deposit, send or receive money with the account, technically, you can use your PayPal account as a bank account. But, it’s not a bank, and there are enough reasons not to use it like that. 

Final thought

PayPal is the biggest online payment solution, with more than 320 million active users around the globe. Using PayPal can be super helpful when it comes to secure payment solution for paying for goods or managing your business. You can send money, receive, or request payment with PayPal, and there are many more facilities hooked up to your PayPal account.

If you’ve used any other payment solution or financial service, the first thing you ask for is the account number. If you’ve been thinking, how do I get my PayPal account number, now you know that you don’t need or have an account number for your PayPal account. Rather, you can get a routing number if you have a business account with PayPal cash card. 

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