How to Add AVS Vcc To Your USA Paypal Account


Here you will find the way of adding AVS Virtual Credit Card to your USA PAYPAL account. So go through the article for more information.

ADDRESS VERIFICATION SYSTEM (AVS)-is the strongest Virtual Credit Card to verify your USA Paypal.

The best feature of this card is

  1. Paypal will not ask for any code to verify it.
  2. It will add instantly

Note: AVS VCC currently works in USA Paypal only.

But the thing is linking an AVS VCC is not familiar with New users.

Today I am going to show you

Step by step process how to add AVS VCC in your USA Paypal.

Step One – Login your Paypal and go to setting.

Step two -Click on + (plus sign) in the address section.

Step three – Add the address delivered with card carefully.

Step four – Now go to link a card and fill the card details.

Step five – Most Important  –

Select the new address you added in your Paypal account. Please do not select your primary/old address. Most people make mistakes here.

Step-Six- Click add.


You have successfully verified your Paypal Credit card.

Thank you