How To Add Stripe To Shopify?

Are you struggling to find a proper way to accept payments from your customers more securely? Then stripe is a great option to integrate on your shop as your payment gateway. Shopify is a vastly popular eCommerce platform where you can create your online shop and sell goods.

If you’re wondering how to add stripe to Shopify, this article has the complete guideline on that. In a nutshell, you have to go to the Shopify settings, go to the third party payment providers under payment settings. Select Stripe from there and put your credentials to set stripe as your Shopify payment gateway.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an international payment service gateway for businesses that facilitates online payments between businesses and people. After founding Stripe back in 2010, two Irish entrepreneurs made it a huge success with over $2 million investment by 2011 and started its successful journey.


It is so popular to the online businesses because of its secure payment process alongside a flexible and user-friendly interface. They use some of the most recognized payment processors for their transactions such as Amazon, TED, Lyft, GitHub, Yelp, Uber, Spotify, Reddit, and hundreds more.

Pros And Cons Of Stripe

Stripe is a hugely popular payment solution for a wide variety of reasons, especially security and ease of use. Here are the things you need to know about Stripe before you start using it:

Advantages of Stripe:

  • It’s secure to run a business with a stripe account.
  • No cost to set up, cancel, and account maintenance.
  • Setup and maintenance are super easy.
  • It is secure with SSL
  • Offers at a reasonable price range.
  • It accepts major payment cards.

Disadvantages of Stripe:

  • Stripes is actually a payment gateway for the developers, so if you want to work with it, you must understand basic coding.
  • It takes more than 7 days to get the money on your hands which isn’t as pleasing.
  • Stripe is not available in all countries yet.

Does Stripe Integrate With Shopify?

Yes, Stripe and Shopify goes hand in hand when you’re trying to receive payments from your customers. In fact, stripe is a great way in terms of security for the payment information the user is sharing with the platform. And the integration process is so simple that anybody can integrate it to the payment process easily.

So, if you want to accept payments from customers securely with less technical knowledge about Shopify, integrating stripe can be a great option. Don’t forget to learn about the Shopify Payments and the supported countries for good understanding on this.

How To Add Stripe To Shopify

Getting stripe as your transaction solution on Shopify can help your business function smoothly. Here are 5 simple steps to add your Stripe merchant account to your Shopify website:

How To Add Stripe To Shopify

Step 1: Log into your Shopify store dashboard and go to the settings option.

Step 2: Locate “Payment Providers” from there and click on the “Accept credit cards” option.

Step 3: You will have the “Stripe” option here; select “Shopify Payments” and click on “Active”.

Step 4: Provide all the necessary credentials and complete the account setup.

Step 5: Check the payment status and history from your Stripe dashboard after transactions.

This way, you can easily accept your customer payments for the products you sell on your site, just like you accept credit card payments.

What If You Can’t Find Stripe?

In some cases, when you go to the third party payment provider options, you might not find stripe as a payment provider there. In that case, you can try this trick to enable Shopify to activate Stripe on the third party payment solutions:

Go to your general Admin settings and go scroll down to the country/region settings where you can see your current location. See if the country is supported for stripe or not. You can check the available countries from stripe’s website. If the country is an unsupported one, you have to change that to an available one, for example: France. Now, go to the third party payment option again, and you will find Stripe as an available payment option.


Setting up Shopify payment solution with Stripe payment gateway can be easy with less hectic of a process. With this Stripe instruction with Shopify integration, the process is not a big one if you’ve already though out the fees. When you know how to add stripe to Shopify, It’ll take literally a minute or so.

Don’t forget to consider the fees regarding stripe payments as your profit margins depend on it. Depending on which Shopify plan you’re using, you have to pay 0.5% to 2% for the third party payment integration. Besides, the stripe charges of 2.9% alongside the $0.30 of payment fees are also might be your concern.