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Paypal is the most popular online payment system that over 300 million people use for their online transactions. If you use PayPal as your online banking system, you’ll be able to both send and receive money worldwide. The currency conversion problem is also not there with PayPal as you’ll get an automated conversion system. To take the convenience even further, PayPal offers several credit and debit cards. 

How to buy a prepaid card with PayPal

You can use the cards the way you use a regular bank card or credit card offline. There are several types of cards you can get from PayPal, prepaid MasterCard is one of them. If you’re interested in knowing how to buy prepaid card with PayPal, this article is going to help you. In this article, I will show you how you can buy prepaid cards to use offline if you’re a PayPal account holder. 

What is a PayPal prepaid card?

The PayPal prepaid card is a MasterCard card that you can use anywhere online or offline, just like any other card. It’s a debit card that won’t work where only a credit card is necessary to make a purchase or transaction. You can deposit funds on the card once you link it to your PayPal account and use the main balance with it. The deposit is also possible in person if you go to a NetSpend Reload Network Location. But you have to pay extra fees to deposit your PayPal debit card from there in the regular transaction fees. Being able to use the same balance online and offline is the most amusing part of the card.

How to buy a prepaid card with PayPal?

Buying a prepaid MasterCard with PayPal isn’t a big deal if you know the right steps throughout the procedure. Here is how to buy prepaid card with PayPal, including the step by step guides that go into the process: 

Getting ready

To be able to get your debit MasterCard with PayPal, you must have a credit card account on PayPal. While opening the account, you will have to provide your personal information to the Federal Government. The USA PATRIOT Act requires you to place in all the information about you to obtain and verify it’s you. They will keep a record of each account to fight money laundering, funding terrorism, and other illegal activities. If you provide any misleading information that the Fed cannot verify or partially verifies, they will restrict your PayPal account. The restriction will prevent you from ATM withdrawals, AC-to-AC and international transactions, and some other additional loads. 

Open the cash plus account

To access the full potential of the debit card, you must have a cash plus account on PayPal and link it to your personal account. If you don’t have an account yet, go to the official signup page of PayPal and set up an account for free. The cash plus account allows you to do both-side transactions, receive, or send money around the world. The prepaid card needs you to have both outgoing and incoming features to function properly. Once you have the cash plus account, you can link it to the personal account and go for the card. 

Order the card 

If you have your cash plus account connected to your personal account, go to the PayPal debit card webpage. Log in if you’re not already logged into your account from the top right corner of the page. You will see a button that says order your card on the first page, click on it to start the ordering process. You’ll see a page with input fields to enter the necessary information to get the card. Put in all the information the page asks for and choose the card type you’re looking for. In this case, select the prepaid debit MasterCard to order your card. 

Select the payment receiving option

While putting the information in, you’ll have another set of box fields to check how you want to receive your payments with. You’ll have the Paycheck option, Tax refund option, or the benefit option from the government. You can also select the none at that time and do that part later after getting your card. 

How to get prepaid cards using your PayPal account?

You can also get a prepaid card from different vendors, choosing PayPal as the payment method. Then, you can link it to your PayPal account and do all the things you could do with PayPal cards. Here is how you can purchase third party prepaid cards and link that to your PayPal account:

Purchase the card

You must choose a card provider company that accepts PayPal as a payment method. Only then, the website will take you to the payment interface of PayPal that you can use for paying the card. Once you have the convenient provider, select the Debit/Credit card option at first, then opt-out for the Debit card. The card can contain the MasterCard, American Express, Visa, or Discover logo on it. Put in all the information it asks you for, Review them all, and continue to checkout. 

Link the card to PayPal

To link the debit card to your PayPal account, register the card using the phone number or website available on the card. Now, go to your PayPal Profile tab and click on the “Update Card” button to proceed. Select the card type from the dropdown menu, whichever the provider company is, such as MasterCard. Put in the card number, the verification number, check the billing address, and click on the “Add Card” button. For the verification number, American Express has 4 digit small numbers on the card. For the others, it’s the last 3 digits of the card number on the card body.

Final words

The prepaid MasterCard of PayPal is one of the most beneficial card systems with extra benefits. You can use this card anywhere credit or debit card is valid to use for transaction or payment. The Bancorp Bank issues the PayPal cards, which is one of the most popular card issuer banks. 

So, now you know how to buy prepaid card with PayPal to make your offline transactions as smooth as online. However, one thing to keep in mind about this card is, it’s not a credit card, rather a debit card. So, you cannot have the facilities of a credit card with it. And, you have to keep it linked to your PayPal account to stay functional and do transactions.

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