How To Buy V Bucks With PayPal Balance?

Name the most popular video games available right now, Fortnite tops the list with 8 million daily logins. Just like other gamers, Fortnite users also have a premium coin, the V bucks, which you have to buy. If you want to  know how to buy v bucks with PayPal balance, it’s not very straightforward like most others.

Epic Games, the owner of Fortnite, doesn’t allow PayPal wallet for V bucks unless you have external funds linked. You need a valid funding source like a debit card, credit card, or a bank account. But there’s a catch here! You can also buy without linking a card to PayPal in the first place.

Let’s see how you can get your V bucks with or without a card linked to PayPal:

What Are Different Ways To Get Fortnite V-Bucks?

There are two basic ways to get more Fortnite V bucks, the premium way by paying, and the free method.

Different Ways To Get Fortnite V-Bucks

How to Get Fortnite V Bucks for Free

Getting free V bucks on Fortnite is easy job, here are the free methods you can use to acquire yours:

Leveling Up

As you keep playing and leveling up, Fortnite gives you free V bucks, usually on every level. They often announce that on the dashboard to let you know how much you’re getting in each level.

Completing Quests

Fortnite offers challenges for the players to complete, which they call the daily quests. You can complete each quest daily and gain some easy V bucks without having to pay for them.

Storm Shield Defense Missions

The defense missions you get to complete is a part of the daily quests Fortnite offers. Plus, logging into the game daily also gives you a certain amount of V bucks without even playing.

Premium Way to Get Fortnite V Bucks

Acquiring free V bucks may seem clumsy, but that can take quite a while to stack up enough of it. Here is how you obtain Fortnite V bucks with a little spending, both the cheap one-time buy or as you go:

Save the World

The first method to earn V bucks is by spending money once, and acquiring on the go, lifetime. You’ll spend a one-time $40 bill and get to buy the “Save the world” version of Fortnite and get unlimited V bucks as you keep on playing.

If the amount sounds a lot, it won’t if you consider the possibility of getting well over 250 to 400 V bucks a day. To make it even more pleasing, Epic games often put this version on sale and offer a discount. You can grab it once you get that chance.

Buy V Bucks

Now, the obvious method of getting Fortnite V bucks is buying them with cash. There are many ways to pay for the V bucks you want to get, and the price for them is fixed. For a thousand V bucks, you have to pay $9.99 to Epic using a valid payment method. Hence, PayPal is a valid payment option that you can use for getting the bucks you’re trying to obtain.

How To Buy V Bucks With PayPal Balance

Buying Fortnite V bucks can be a quick and effective method to uplift  your Fortnite player levels. It also helps you get cool outfits, weapon wraps, premium emotes and of course, Battle Passes. If you have balance on your PayPal wallet, you can use that to pay for V bucks.

How To Buy V Bucks With PayPal Balance

Here is how to buy v bucks with PayPal balance whether you have cards linked to your account or not:

Pay with an account linked to a card

As mentioned earlier, Epic doesn’t accept a PayPal account to sell V bucks without an external funding source to it. So, if you don’t have any balance on your PayPal wallet, add a card to your PayPal account. Here’s how you add a bank account or a (debit or credit) card to your PayPal wallet:

  • Log into your PayPal account, navigate to the “my account” menu.
  • Click on the bank or wallet, and you’ll see a plus (+) sign there. Click on it.
  • Depending on the debit or credit card you’re adding, select the one.
  • Put in all the necessary information as the fields ask you to fill.
  • Sometimes, PayPal may ask you to confirm and verify the card.

After that, you can pay for the V bucks using your PayPal wallet. In that case, the amount will come from your card through PayPal.

Buy V bucks without cards linked to PayPal

If you don’t have a card linked to your PayPal account, you can pay for the V-bucks with PayPal wallet! It’s also true if you don’t want to draw funds from the card while having it linked to the account. Here is how to buy V bucks with PayPal balance without bothering about cards as Epic games wants you to:

You have to instruct PayPal to do a payment using the PayPal balance instead of drawing balance from the card. To do that, you’re going to set the PayPal wallet as your default payment method for any purchases. The steps are:

  • Log into your account on PayPal website and navigate to account settings.
  • Navigate to the payment option and select online purchases.
  • Change the first payment option to PayPal balance instead of a card.
  • Also check the “other payment methods” to set PayPal wallet as default.

Whenever you proceed to pay for your V bucks after that, it will draw from the PayPal balance. It’ll work whether you want to buy V-Bucks online for PC, Xbox One, or V-Bucks for PS4.

How to pay for Fortnite V bucks?

Now that you’re ready to pay with your PayPal balance, let’s see how to get V bucks with PayPal wallet:

  • Go to your game screen, and navigate to the store.
  • Here, select V bucks, and define how much you want.
  • Click on the purchase button to check out for them.
  • You can select PayPal here and place your order with PayPal balance.


Playing Fortnite while having all the premium wraps, emotes, and outfits can be a fascinating thing. But getting the V bucks can be a real bummer in some cases. It’s crucial to know how to buy V bucks with PayPal balance without adding a card only for Fortnite.

After going through the processes we’ve talked about in this article, we’re sure you’ve been successful in it. If you’re doing this only for the Fortnite payment, don’t forget to set the default payment option to card again.