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Phone verification is a common practice for PayPal users. Whenever you change your browser, Delete your old cookie or log in from a new device. Paypal may ask you for phone verification to log in your account or to do any transactions.

How to Change Your Paypal Phone Number Easily

In this article, I will show you step by step how to add a new number to your PayPal account.

Step 1: Login your PayPal account and go to “Setting “ option –

Paypal Profile setting

Step 2: Scroll down to phone setting and click on plus sign showed on the image.

Add New Paypal Phone number

A new pop up page will come up .select your number type and put your mobile/phone/landline number. If you want to make it your primary phone number, you need to check the box shown on the image.

Add new number

Your number is still unconfirmed. (showed in an image ) Click on the added number.

Paypal number unconfirmed

you will be transferred to a page where you click on “confirm the number.”

confirm mobile number

Paypal will send you code. Put it and click confirm. Now you have successfully verified your phone number. You can click on it and make it primary. Next time any login you from an unknown device. Paypal will send the security code to this number.

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