How To Delete Stripe Account?

When it comes to selecting the most secure payment systems, the Level-1 PCI Service Provider Stripe would top the list. However, despite its incredible features, there’s nothing wrong when you’re trying to remove it.

In fact, we’re getting to know exactly how to delete stripe account once and for all to help you do it. Besides, we’ll talk about how you can even get your identity removed from Stripe’s database.

Not to mention, the payment information you’ve already shared with them in past account activities. If you’re in pursuit of getting off the grid with Stripe, this is the only guide you’ll ever need. Let’s dive in.

How Does a Stripe Account Work?

For those who’re new to the Stripe world, let’s simplify this: What is Stripe, and how does it work?

How does a Stripe Account work

Stripe is a payment processing service provider, just like PayPal, Braintree, Square, 2Checkout, WePay, and a bunch of others. It does transactions on your behalf and transfers money from your customer’s credit or debit card to your business account.

What makes Stripe thrive over all, however, is its highly secure online payments transfer process. The global tech giants like Google, Amazon, Notion, Shopify, Figma use Stripe as their payment system. Easy Stripe integration (API), effortless onboarding, and customization options make Stripe unique. Plus, its payment options, with both one-time and recurring, help businesses grow.

Can You Have More Than One Stripe Account?

Unlike many other payment methods, Stripe allows you to have multiple accounts under one email address. Once you have your verified Stripe Account in place, you can create a new account for each business you might be using with stripe. They’ll all be nested under the main email you used in the first place, and have separate business settings.

That way, you’ll have separate dashboards, separate law matters (tax and all that) associated with each account. Have a look at this video for a comprehensive idea on how you can create a nested account on Stripe:

How To Delete Stripe Account?

Getting your account removed from Stripe can be a simple process if you follow a few steps we’ll talk about. Here is how to delete Stripe account, even if you have your personal and payment information saved on Stripe’s database:

Steps to Closing a Stripe Account

Before you remote your Stripe account, make sure you have no existing balance, as the process isn’t reversible. Besides, you can download your financial reports into a CSV file if you have anything important. Once you’re ready to cancel stripe account or delete it, here are the simple steps to remove your Stripe account in no time:

Step 1: Log into your Stripe account and go to your account dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Account information” under Settings Tab.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and hit the “Close account” button.

*Note: If you have a list of accounts on Stripe, closing one account won’t remove the others. You have to remove each account individually if you tend to remove them all. Each account’s negative balance has to be zeroed before closing, and you can also remove bank account from Stripe.

How to Delete Payment Information Saved Using Link With Stripe

If you have your payment data (that you use at checkout) linked to your stripe account, you have to remove them separately. It’s common to use a third-party application or a client portal to pay with Stripe as your primary payment option.

How to delete payment information saved using Link with Stripe

Stripe keeps these information in a separate cookies’ database for third-party product. You have to manually contact them for Stripe clearing and to disconnect Stripe from the cookies.

You’ll have to go to the Stripe Request page, submit your email address associates with your Stripe account. After that, Stripe will clear up the payment information on your account.

If You Have Your Identity Verified Using Stripe Identity

If you have a Stripe account that you had verified with a Stripe Identity, Stripe won’t remove the account until authenticated. In order to complete the authentication, you have to email Stripe to delete your information and Close stripe account. You have to use mail your request to the stripe support at to start the deletion process.


Now that you know how to delete stripe account, you should bear in mind that this deletion process not reversible. Therefore, you must download all your related account information, financial statements, and delete the account.

However, if you decide to keep on using it with greater security, make sure you have the account secured properly.

Some security tips to keep Stripe secure would be: Enabling 2-step verification, not sharing or writing stripe credentials anywhere, and never clicking suspicious links. The scammers usually  put a lucrative bait in front of you in a spammy mail.