How To Get A Free Virtual Credit Card For PayPal Verification?

PayPal is a great payment service, popular for its ease of use, simplicity, and security. However, PayPal serves at its true potential only when you have your account verified. You need to link a bank account, a debit or credit card to do the verification for your PayPal account.

Well, not every PayPal user wants or can use their normal credit card for verification process. The best way out is using a virtual credit card number that doesn’t associate with the real card info and financial details. Now, the question is, is there a free virtual credit card for PayPal verification?

The answer is both yes and no. If you want a secure and reliable way to verify your PayPal account, there are plenty of ways out there. Heads up, we’re talking about how you can verify PayPal today, potentially using free virtual cards!

What Is a Virtual Credit Card?

A Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is as functional as a real credit card, but without a physical form to it. You can use it for online purchases, subscriptions, and most importantly, do verifications like AVS or PayPal. There are some crucial times when only a virtual credit card is a feasible solution to a potential fraudulent.

What Is a Virtual Credit Card?

For example, if you doubt a website’s security in terms of card info, a VCC can save you big time. The VCC uses your actual card or bank account as your funding source, but uses unmatched information. If you get a VCC For Paypal Verification, that won’t even need a funding source, making it even more secure.

So, you can use a temporary VCC, make online transactions, and forget about potential hacks.  Another great benefit a VCC can offer is not losing cards. You can lose a physical card with your wallet, but a VCC is just a number that you use online.

How To Get A Free Virtual Credit Card For PayPal Verification?

There are a few different ways to acquire a Virtual Credit Card online, with really simple processes. However, since you’re getting the card for PayPal verification, the usual security concerns will arise for sure. Nevertheless, I’ll share a few simple methods to get your free virtual credit card for PayPal verification alongside a paid, high-end service as well:

How To Get A Free Virtual Credit Card For PayPal Verification?

Get it from your card issuer: If you’re using a debit or credit card from any of the card providers accepted by PayPal, see if you can get a VCC from there. If your bank does provide a VCC facility, you can acquire one from them with or without recharging feature. Some even provide a whole online interface to generate new cards, set limitations, and so on.

Get it from privacy: You can get your virtual credit card from, with which you can verify your PayPal account. However, the problem is, you’ll have to add your existing card to fund that VCC in prior to getting the card. If you’re not willing to share your card information, getting it from them won’t be an option.

Go standalone: The best way to acquire a VCC is the one that doesn’t need you to link your actual card or bank account at all. There are virtual credit card providers such as PayPalUnlock that offer such a card that doesn’t require any tail behind but verifies PayPal just fine. All you have to do is, select the type of card you need, and purchase it for a few bucks.

You can use a VCC to verify your PayPal account without facing any errors or getting rejected.

Is it Safe To Use A Free VCC For PayPal Verification?

VCCs in general are just as safe as real debit or credit cards as they work almost the same way. However, since PayPal is highly skeptic about its users using anything unparalleled to their terms, you have to be cautions. Since the internet is a place of mystery and fraud, you must go with a reliable VCC provider to keep your actual funds safe.

Is it Safe To Use A Free VCC For PayPal Verification?

You could end up losing your entire bank or card fund that you’ve linked to the VCC for funding it. Or, you can get a secure VCC for PayPal Verification from different merchants like PayPalUnlocked that don’t even need your actual bank.

Seemingly the best way to keep yourself secure from frauds is not to share your bank account or card at all. Hence, the merchants that don’t ask for your financial information to link to the card, are safer and standalone options.

How To Verify PayPal With a Free Virtual Credit Card [Step by Step Guide]

Verifying your PayPal account is mandatory prior to using the account to its full potential. If you don’t want to use your regular credit card for PayPal, you can surely use a VCC to do the verification. Here are the steps you’ll have to follow to activate your account and verify it:

How To Verify PayPal With a Free Virtual Credit Card [Step by Step Guide]

Heads up: First off, you have to have the VCC from an accepted card provider which are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club and EnRoute. If your VCC is from one of them, you’re good to go.

Step 1: Log into your PayPal account and go to the wallet menu.

Step 2: If you don’t have any cards connected, select the “Link a card” option.

Step 3: Put in all your card info like the 16-digit card number, its expiry date, and CVV number, and click on the “Link card” button.

Step 4: Once added, you’ll see an option to confirm the card to verify the card’s legitimacy. Go ahead and confirm the card on the next page.

Step 5: After verifying the PayPal account with a VCC, if you choose to remove it with your regular card, you can do so. Click the edit button next to your added card and select remove card.


Using a VCC for verifying your PayPal account is straightforward, just like adding any other debit or credit card. Since you can use a free virtual credit card for PayPal verification, using PayPal will be a lot simpler and easier. The steps above will help you add it if you don’t want to add your physical card, or don’t have one in the first place.

However, be sure not to get a random credit card number from any malicious merchant who wants your bank or real credit card info. Sharing real info while getting a virtual credit card service from scammers might put you in immense danger.