How To Load Payoneer Card [Step By Step Guide]

Payoneer has made cross-border payment a breeze, and that alone gave it immense popularity in the respective industry. However, a staggering 4 million active user count also has a lot to do with Payoneer’s popular feature: The Master card facility.

This card is usable in any country with a Mastercard ATM and functions like any other cards. You can easily use it as your daily driver, but some find it difficult to load the card in the first place.

So, how to load Payoneer card?

Payoneer gives you two different options to load your card. Apart from your own account, you can either go for an immediate load, or stick to the standard load options. These are for short and long load time with respective loading fees. However, you can also load using the transaction option in your Payoneer account dashboard.

Overview Of Payoneer Card

Payoneer card is a physical card that Payoneer provides in association with Mastercard. You can use this card in stores, ATMs, and anywhere Mastercard is accepted, just like using any other cards. They also provide a virtual version of the card to use online only.

You need to be eligible to obtain the card with a received payment of minimum $100 in 6 months. Once you’re eligible, you can apply for the card and get it mailed to you for free. If you have more than one currency account, you cannot have multiple cards.

The card is free for the first registration only, and Payoneer charges 29.95 dollar of an annual fee on it. If you’re not on USD, it will be 24.95 euro or 24.95 pound that will cut from your account.

How To Load Payoneer Card [Step By Step Guide]

Loading money to your Payoneer card has a straightforward process, regardless of which method you use. There are three different methods to load money onto your Payoneer Master card, which go head-to-head for the transfer. Here are all of them, explained how to load Payoneer card, depending on how fast you need the money:

How To Load Payoneer Card

Step 1: Get notified

Once your mass payout company sends you a payment to your Payoneer account, you’ll get an email notification. The email will give you “Good news” regarding the payment received and Payoneer will ask you to withdraw it. Since you’re not withdrawing cash in particular, you have to log into your Payoneer account anyway.

So, the first step would be logging into your account once you’ve received the money.

Step 2: Check balance and decide the method

First, as you’ve received a payment (it may take hours to days for a transaction) ready to withdraw, check the balance properly. If the balance seems legit, cut the inspection part for security reasons and head over to the transfer process. As mentioned earlier, there are 3 methods you can get the money on your card.

Select which method of money transfer to your card works for you and go for it.

Step 3: Loading from your account

You get a Payoneer prepaid Mastercard with your account after a $100 transaction, and loading the card is free. Payoneer doesn’t charge you a dime to transfer funds from your account to another payoneer account. Not just that, Payoneer will transfer the amount immediately to your card once you have the amount in it. If you don’t yet own a Payoneer master card, the amount will land in once you get it.

Step 4: Standard payment transfer

This option is applicable only if you’re loading the payments from companies. The standard card loading option is good for you if you have no issue with the load time. It will take a few days (2-5 business days) to load into your card from your account and charge you with standard fee. You’ll see the fee amount right next to the amount you put in the transfer box.

Step 5: Using the immediate transfer process

If you need the money on your card in a few hours, you can use the immediate fund transfer request. Simply select the immediate transfer option while doing the transfer from your account to the recipient account. They will charge you depending on how much you’re loading onto the card, higher than the standard, obviously. You can ATM the money within a few hours.

Is Payoneer Cheaper Than PayPal?

Both PayPal and Payoneer have their highs and lows, you must choose the right one depending on the business you’re in. PayPal does a great job if you’re transferring money within the same country with a much fewer charge.

Is Payoneer Cheaper Than PayPal

On the flip side, if you’re doing international payments and mass payouts, Payoneer tends to do a slightly better job than PayPal. Payoneer offers a smoother free Payoneer to Payoneer money transfer worldwide alongside a good customer service.

Getting a Payoneer Account is easier than PayPal, especially if you’re planning to use multiple accounts simultaneously. Besides, since PayPal has a reputation of beige sketchy at limiting accounts vigorously, Payoneer has a much cleaner look there.


Payoneer is a pioneer for cross-border payment methods for business payments from service marketplaces and individual clients with competitive rates. They operate in almost all the countries in the world, with all the currency conversion. Their Prepaid Mastercard feature help millions in the world to do easy transactions worldwide. Now that you know how to load Payoneer card,  you’ll be able to make the best use of it.

Remember, you need to bare an annual fee to have the Payoneer Mastercard and have to pay fees for off-Payoneer transactions. However, with transactions within Payoneer, the transactions are always free and sending to Mastercard as well. With request payment feature, you may have to pay fees. It is also true if you’re to transfer in a currency to another.