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Some wise man said it’s never too late to start something good, and it shouldn’t be too early either. Selling on eBay can be a very good way to make money online regardless of whether you’re an adult or a teenager. However, as there are obligations regarding age by law, eBay doesn’t have a room for teenagers, especially selling items on their site. 

Listing something on eBay for selling means you’re getting into a contract that requires anybody to be aged 18 or more. eBay does allow you to do business with them, but it doesn’t allow you to make your own account. If you’re an underage person, eBay doesn’t restrict your passion for selling online; they just follow the law. Stick to the article if you’re wondering how to sell on eBay if you’re under 18 and start building your fortune. 

How to Sell on eBay if You’re Under 18?

eBay is a goldmine for both new and old, used items that you cannot find anywhere else online. It’s also a great opportunity to launch your DIY project as a product to establish a full-blown business. If you’re planning on doing business and wondering how to sell on eBay if you’re under 18, here is what you do:

How to Sell on eBay if You're Under 18

Open an Account for a Legit Person

If you’re not yet 18 but want to sell on eBay, the best way is by opening an account for another person. You can fill out every information with your father, mother, or older family member’s name and open the account. However, be sure to ask that person if he doesn’t have an account on eBay already. 

If he already has an account with the same information, you’ll get him in trouble with his old account and the new as well. After opening the account, ask him to create a new credit card on his name, which you’re going to use. You can also ask him to let you use his own card for your business and to verify the account. 

Use an Existing Account

If the person you want to use the name of already has an account on eBay, ask him if he’s actively selling. You can still use that account jointly, especially if you live in the same house, without IP shifting. If he’s selling already, split the number of listings you can do depending on what seller’s plan he has. 

150 listings are free for every user at the beginning and 10 listings each month; split that properly and go for it. However, you must keep in mind that whatever you do, that’s the liability of your actions on the account belong to the owner. Keeping your actions according to eBay’s user policy, will keep the account safe as well as the person you’re using.

Safety Tips on How to Sell on eBay Under 18

Staying safe on eBay is crucial as it’s full of potential scammer buyers, and a single encounter can be costly. Plus, you’re underage, so it’s much essential for you to know the eBay safety hacks. Here are some tips for you to stay safe on eBay if you’re under 18 and doing business in the real world: 

Safety Tips on How to Sell on eBay Under 18

Don’t Act Childish

Since eBay doesn’t allow its users younger than 18 years old, you must not act like you’re a child doing business there. eBay encourages users to report if anybody thinks that the other user is underaged and doing business on the site. If any eBay user reports with proof of a childish act, eBay will suspend the account and you’re out of business. 

Read the Selling Rules

eBay expects every user to read each rule it has for sellers and buyers when they create the account in the first place. If you violate any user policies, they’re there to hold, restrict, or even suspend the account. So, don’t be lazy to take your time reading all the rules and regulations eBay has for you to stay safe and keep the business running. 

Research Other Items and Listings

The best practice at the beginning is following the other items in your niche listed on eBay. Don’t start with expensive items; try to keep it under $50 items where the frauds are not usually at. Follow the best-selling listings, how they’re doing the business because learning from the successful is the best way to go.

Don’t Create Store First

Creating a store on eBay means you’re under constant surveillance from eBay, and that can be a bummer for you. You can gain professional listing experience without using a store, and you should definitely do so as a newbie. Once you get the confidence that you’re ready to go big, do your research jump clean with papers to show. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about selling on eBay being aged under 18 which you might find interesting: 

Does eBay Do Age Verification?

Yes, eBay does verify your age while you’re doing business on eBay to ensure no rules are broken. You have to provide a credit card on your name to eBay to ensure you’re 18 or above. 

Can a 17 Year Old Sell on eBay?

eBay restricts underaged people from creating accounts on the site, but you can use an account on behalf. That person has to allow you to use it, and he’ll be responsible if anything goes wrong. 

At What Age Can You Sell on eBay?

eBay follows the national age restriction law for allowing people to register an account on eBay. You can sell on eBay with your own account when you turn 18 and become lawfully legit.

Final Verdict

With over 171 million active buyers, eBay is a big opportunity for those who’re selling items on it. eBay has to maintain a strict policy of not letting anybody scam around because of that much load onboard. As they conduct financial agreements and sign contracts, there is no way they would let any underaged person do business there. 

So, how to sell on eBay if you’re under 18 and don’t have the lawful rights to sign contracts? As you can see, they officially state that you can use another account as a minor but with the owner’s accountability. If you break any law or violate a policy you don’t understand, they’ll take action against that account, which affects the owner.

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