How To Set Up Paypal For Art Commissions

PayPal is a great way to receive payments and do any sort of transactions including commission payments of this type. If you’re also an artist, take payments for commission jobs and want to use PayPal to receive the amounts, you can do so. However, you need to know how to set up PayPal for art commissions from your PayPal account.

Depending on what type of art you’re commissioning; digital or physical, the process will be different for both. You can go to the request money option and make an invoice to charge your client with the commission amount. Let’s know how the process works and how PayPal plays the role to get your money for your drawings and arts.

How Do Art Commissions Work?

Art commission is a process of creating artworks based on a clients custom order. When you’re an artist, have a few masterpieces, you may be asked for a miniature version of that, or even a revised one. When you’re creating a piece of art for somebody with custom qualities on the piece, you can put a custom price on its art style.

Depending on how much customization or tweaking it needs, you can customize your prices as well. An art commission may consist of a few different customized elements in the process, such as:

  • Your client may ask for specific colors, patterns, and sizes to match their subject like an interior design.
  • Both the parties will have a payment agreement on how the prices will be, depending on spent time and brand value.
  • You can ask for drafts, details about the project your art is going to be used in. It helps you make the piece compliant.
  • The copyright issues are to be discussed before you start working on the project, exhibition, or hand it over.
  • Delivering the piece is your responsibility as well as maintaining a well-thought and preset timeline for the job.

When it comes to charging your clients and taking the payment from them, you can choose PayPal as your payment solution. PayPal allows you to make custom invoices with commission details, whether it’s a physical art or a digital one.

How To Set Up Paypal For Art Commissions

PayPal has two types of accounts for its users: personal and business. If you’re living in a country where PayPal isn’t allowed, Create A PayPal Account In Banned Countries from a third party service provider.

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You can use either of them to set it up for your art commissions. Plus, there are two versions of the PayPal user interface: mobile app and web interface. Both have the same functionalities, except for the web invoicing, where you can add custom images on the invoice.

For Physical Art Commission

The To set up an art commission bill from a client, you can make an invoice to charge the client. It’s if you’re getting the payment in full amount, without installments. To charge for any art commission types, go to the “Send and Receive” option from the top navigation section of PayPal website. Click on the “Create Invoice” option, put in all the necessary information, and send it over to the client.

In this case, you have to ship the art via PayPal and you can set tracking info with the shipment. On the other hand, if you’re taking in installments, you must provide the printed legal contracts between you and your client. You can then provide that to PayPal and get it on installments. A point to be noted here is, PayPal doesn’t protect your installment payments as it does for regular ones.

For Digital Art Commissions

PayPal doesn’t provide any sellers’ protection for selling digital goods. If your art is a digitally downloadable product, you can send an invoice, and get the payment, just like the physical one. Now, when you’re making the invoice for the client, be sure to use Tracking info. PayPal doesn’t do it without a proper tracking as well as a matched address.

So, make sure the client address you’re putting in is correct and matches with the PayPal address.

Since you’re not backed up with transaction fees, the thing may go wrong, and you may not get the money back. While making the invoice, you can set partial payment (at least 50%) with one invoice, leaving the other half for the next one. Besides, you can allow the customer to give you a tip. In that case, check the “Allow customers to add a tip” box while making the invoice.

Is Paypal Good For Artists?

When it comes to getting payment through PayPal for art commissions, artists need to be aware of a few things to be safe. If you’re an artist, be sure to have good communication with your client and make use of the invoice.

Is Paypal Good For Artists

PayPal considers the piece of art as a “Good” and you must use the invoice system to get paid for the good. If you can keep things compliant with PayPal’s ToS, things can be real smooth from getting payments, to avail sellers’ protections.


PayPal makes your online transactions smooth for both physical and digital art commissions. If you’re just starting off with art commissions keep some things in mind before understanding how to set up PayPal for art commissions. Never use the PayPal FNF option to get your payment; you’ll be putting your account at risk as well as the money in it.

If you’re doing regular art commissions, you should use a business account instead of a personal account. Use invoices to avail your sellers’ protection. If the art falls under the “Digital product” description, mark it as “unshippable” with sale price in the invoice for your client.