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Using PayPal is the best option for international transactions with multiple currencies quicker and safer. PayPal maintains strict security for its users worldwide and limits the account when detecting any unusual transactions. The account limitation may get in effect for unauthorized activities, suspicious behavior, illegal transactions, IP fluctuations, and even rapid chargebacks. 

Although the account limitation feature of PayPal is there to protect your account, it can put you in uncomfortable situations too. Maybe you have an important purchase to make, or your son needs money away from you, the limitation doesn’t let you do the translation. Spending, receiving, or sending the amount is possible if you know how to move your money in a limited PayPal account. Stick to the article to know why your PayPal account gets the limitation and how to spend money on a limited PayPal account: 

Why Does It Say My Paypal Account is Limited?

Getting your PayPal account limited can be a big issue, especially if you don’t know why it’s there and how you handle it. Here are the things you need to know if you’re wondering how to spend money on a limited PayPal account:

Why Does It Say My Paypal Account is Limited

What Does the Paypal Account Limitation Mean?

When you receive an email from PayPal saying that your account has been limited, it means you don’t have full access to your account anymore. You will get the same message in the support box when you log into your PayPal account. 

If you get a limited account, you cannot do a few things with PayPal, such as sending money or withdrawing it. However, if you follow the instructions of PayPal and submit what they ask for, you can regain full access to your account. 

Why Does Paypal Limit My Account?

To put this in a nutshell, whenever PayPal detects any activity on your account, which is off their user policy, they limit the account. Here are the most common reasons why PayPal may put a limitation on your account and restrict your transactions:

Why Does Paypal Limit My Account

  • If you have multiple personal accounts on PayPal and they find that out.
  • When somebody reports a fraudulent activity or a scam regarding your account.
  • You’ve accidently clicked on a fake PayPal or phishing link and endanger your account.
  • If you start big transactions (more than $2,000) all of a sudden, that raises suspense. 
  • PayPal may need more information about your identity and address information. 
  • When you didn’t assign a bank account or any credit/debit card to the PayPal account.
  • If you have contacts with other limited accounts or seemingly suspicious countries.
  • When your card company or bank reports a stolen card or suspicious access to it. 
  • If you get too many chargebacks and claims from your buyers or scam reports. 
  • PayPal may have detected that you started selling high-end items like jewelry.
  • When you’re selling illegal items like drugs, weapons, pornographic items, etc.

How to Spend Money on a Limited Paypal Account?

When the limitation is a concern for PayPal, there could be two different situations for a new account and an old one. Either you have a limit on account due to new and unverified status, or you’ve got a limit because of violating any user policy. 

How to Spend Money on a Limited Paypal Account

Unverified New Account

If you’re new to PayPal, opened the account recently, and has limited spending, it’s because of verification issues. PayPal doesn’t allow its users to make transactions or purchases with big amounts until they get the account verified. You may be able to do one or two purchases or transactions in a small amount (less than $500) before verifying. After that, you must verify your account by providing the necessary documents and financial information.

To verify the PayPal account, you must link your credit or debit card for funding the account, which contains all your info. You can also connect a bank account to your Paypal account for a better withdrawal and funding for PayPal balance. However, I strongly recommend not to link a credit card, especially if you’re not a security-savvy person. The same goes for the bank account even though it’s necessary for local and cash withdrawal. 

If Paypal Limit Occur

When you have a PayPal account limit because of violating an accepted user policy of PayPal, there is not much you can do. The only way to spend, send, or withdraw money from a limited account is by lifting the limitation. PayPal will ask you to provide documents that verify your and your transaction’s legitimacy. 

They may ask for the invoice, transaction receipt, legal information about your item or business, and your ID or address verification. Depending on why they put the limitation in the first place, they will ask for related documents that ensure you’re not off the book. Once you provide everything and ask for lifting the limitation, PayPal will take up to 3 business days and open it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about spending money from a limited Paypal account that you might find interesting: 

Can a Limited Paypal Account Fix?

If the account has a temporary restriction, you can fix that limited PayPal account just fine. You’ll submit all the documents PayPal asks you for, and PayPal will take about 3 days to fix the issue.

Can a Limited Paypal Account Receive Payment?

With a limited PayPal account, you can still make transactions with your clients or customers. However, you cannot send or withdraw the balance you’re receiving to the limited account.

Can You Buy Things With a Limited Paypal Account?

If it’s an account limited for suspicious activity or so, you cannot buy anything with it anymore. However, if it shows an account limit without verification, you can still make a purchase or two. 

Final Thought

The bottom line is, spending, sending, or withdrawing money from PayPal has no limitation, unless you have a limitation on your account. If you’re new to this platform and wondering how to spend money on a limited PayPal account, it maybe needs verification. But if you get a restriction because of violating the user policies of PayPal, you must provide what they ask for. 

Only after verifying your identity and proof of legitimacy, they’ll lift the limitation, and you can spend the money or do transactions. Using PayPal is super easy, and as it supports 26 currencies to make overseas transactions super smooth. If you have an online business providing services online, there is no better payment solution than PayPal.

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