How to Transfer Money From Poshmark to PayPal?

Are you thinking of transferring your money from poshmark to PayPal but do not know whether it is possible or the procedures to complete that transfer?

Well, the good news is, yes! You can transfer your money from poshmark to paypal, if you have the redeemable amount on poshmark and follow the steps and guides on the e-commerce platform as provided in this article.

Here, you will be guided on the processes of how to transfer money from poshmark to PayPal. Your questions on whether poshmark is secure enough for your transactions and if you can be paid on poshmark through PayPal, will be answered here.

Can I get paid through PayPal on Poshmark?

Poshmark has acceptable credit or debit cards with which you can make payments on its platform. PayPal is one of those cards.

You can get paid through on poshmark if you have poshmark supported debit or credit cards such as

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

For the credit and debit cards, you will need to provide some details such as your card number, expiration date, and CVV code to process your card payment to verify your physical possession of the card and to help reduce the risk of debit or credit card fraud.

Even though you can be paid through PayPal on poshmark, it is prohibited to request to be paid by a buyer on PayPal. It is left to the buyer’s discretion and where the buyer has money.

The buyer first has to enable the PayPal “Billing Agreement”. If at any point the option is disabled, the buyer will not be able to make payments through PayPal. This is usually the reason why some are not able to make payments through PayPal on their poshmark.

Change of payment information is therefore the first step to enabling payment through PayPal on poshmark.

To change your payment information, the buyer or payer selects the “Buy Now” or “Make An Offer” option. A drop down menu will follow including “Change” beside the current payment method on the checkout page. Select the “Change” option and input or select the “PayPal”. This is how you can get paid by a buyer using PayPal.

As a seller also, you can be paid on poshmark through PayPal.

To do this, you will need to have a redeemable balance on your poshmark account and request to be paid into your PayPal account by following the steps and procedures for balance redemption which will be discussed here.

Process of Transferring Money from Poshmark to Paypal.

There are two ways money can be transferred from poshmark to PayPal. The first involves the direct transfer between the two platforms called redeeming balance. The second involves the indirect transfer in which the money in poshmark is first checked out into a bank account and then credited into paypal.

Transferring Money from Poshmark to Paypal

Redeeming balance

Poshmark offers PayPal balance redemption for one’s earnings on poshmark. However, one requires a PayPal account to be able to have the transfer or balance redemption across the two platforms.

The processes or steps, however, varies between

  • Redemption in the app and
  • Redemption in the web

To be able to initiate a transfer from poshmark to PayPal, you have to have the required amount available in your balance.

No amount is charged for this transfer as well.

The redeemable amount is benched at $50. Any amount below $50 can only be transferred once in a week. But as long as the balance is $50 and above, as many transfers as ten transfers or redemptions can be made in twenty-four hours.

The following steps are to be taken in order to transfer money from poshmark to PayPal in a poshmark application.

  • Step-1: Locate your account tab, that is your username on poshmark and select “My Balance”.
  • Step-2: From the list of menu that follows, locate and select “Redeemable”
  • Step-3: From the menu that follows, payment modes will be listed. Select “PayPal”.
  • Step- 4: Select the option “Redeem” from the menu that follows.

At this point the money in your poshmark will automatically be made available for you on your PayPal.

These processes, however, differ slightly if you want to transfer from poshmark to PayPal on a website.

For transfers through website, take the following steps:

  • Step- 1: Log in and select your profile picture which is at the top right hand side of your poshmark page.
  • Step-2: A list of menus will appear. Select “Other Activities” from the menu.
  • Step-3: Select “My Balance” from the list of options.
  • Step-4: Select from the menu, “Redeem Your Balance Here”.
  • Step-5: Select “PayPal”
  • Step-6: Select “Redeem”.

With these steps taken, if your PayPal account is verified, your money will be transferred from poshmark to PayPal within one working day.

Should I trust Poshmark?

Buying and selling on poshmark can be vulnerable to attacks, hacks and scams. Although this can also happen in many other e-commerce platforms, poshmark ratings seem not to show excellent customer satisfaction.

Well, you may trust poshmark if you keep to the poshmark guidelines and to prevent you from falling to scams, and if poshmark also abides by its own promises.

Poshmark puts measures in place to be able to secure the trust of its users and make their transactions secure.

Some of those measures include:

  • Buyer’s protection. Poshmark secures your payment when you make purchases on the platform until you indicate order reception.
  • If there is a mismatch between the ordered item and the type received, poshmark enables you to open a case from their app within three days of receiving.
  • Return file: if not satisfied with the goods received, a return case can be filed to enable quick resolution or return and refund or replacement.

Poshmark is however criticized and rated very low for their inconsistency in keeping to their return terms. Compared to other e-commerce platforms like PayPal, poshmark seems not to have done enough in executing its own terms of operation.

Thus, there is a customer shift towards a more satisfying and secured platform. Those outside of the state enabled PayPal for instance, buy stealth PayPal accounts for their business just so they can get the coverage of a more secure platform.

Final Thought

Both poshmark and PayPal are e-commerce platforms on which the transactions of buying and selling occur.

Sellers or users who accumulate their earnings on the poshmark platform do not feel that their money is secure and thereby seek to transfer the money into their PayPal accounts can do so by enabling the balance redemption option and selecting the PayPal option into which the money will be paid. Poshmark does not impose charges for this transfer.