How to Unlink a Bank Account From Paypal?

Paypal has been a go-to online financial app in use for years. The payment is fast and works in many countries. Moreover, the services have been fast and reliable even in recent times. However, there are always trust issues with online financial apps, including Paypal. So, it’s prudent to unlink your bank accounts from Paypal.

So, this article focuses on how to unlink a bank account from Paypal. The process is easy and straightforward. Login to your Paypal account either through the app or the web. Then, click on the bank and cards tab and remove your account. Even though the process is easy, there are cases that it isn’t. So, keep reading to learn more.

Can You Unlink a Bank Account From Paypal?

You can unlink a bank account from Paypal. The creators of the app added many options for their customer’s satisfaction. This includes unlinking their bank accounts and even cards from the platform for whatever reasons.

Can You Unlink a Bank Account From Paypal

Reasons you may want to unlink your bank account from Paypal

  • Fear: Paypal has been transparent in its dealings over the years, and many people trust them to perform financial transactions. However, their system can fluctuate a little, which might cause uncertainty in the mind of new customers. So, unlinking their bank accounts might look like the safest option for them.
  • Bank account update: Aside from the fear of the unknown, there are few other reasons anyone would want to unlink their bank account from Paypal. If you want to update your bank account on the platform, remove the existing bank account before adding the new one. This is because the platform only allows users to make one account a primary account for verification and security reasons.
  • Deleting a Paypal account: Some Paypal account holders might want to shut down their accounts. We advise such persons to remove their bank accounts from the platform first before they delete their Paypal accounts. It’s important to unlink your bank account when taking down your Paypal account for security reasons.

How to Unlink a Bank Account From Paypal?

There are a few steps involved in unlinking a bank account from Paypal. Check them below to master the process of how to unlink a bank account from Paypal like a pro.

How to Unlink a Bank Account From Paypal

Steps to unlink a bank account from Paypal:

Step 1: Login to your Paypal account

A user cannot perform any transaction with Paypal except they log in. So, the first step to unlinking a bank account from Paypal is logging in. You can log in through the web page or the app.

To log in through the web, go to Paypal’s official website. When the page opens, click on the ‘Login’ tab at the top right side of the page. When you click on the ‘Login’ tab, a page will display, asking for your email or mobile number. Insert any of them correctly and click on ‘Next.’ Another page that will demand your password will display. Type your password and log


Step 2: click on the ‘Banks and cards.’

The home page will display when you have successfully logged into your Paypal account. It contains many helpful options, one of which is the Banks and cards option on the left-down side of the page. Click on it and allow it to display on the next page.

Step 3: Remove bank account

You will see the list of bank accounts linked to your Paypal on the next page. You can click on any of them to review their information. However, the same click takes you to a page where you will find the ‘Remove bank’ tab. If you’re sure of unlinking the bank account from the Paypal account, click on the ‘Remove bank’ tab. The click will start the removal process, which will take a few seconds to complete. However, it doesn’t work this smoothly all the time.

When it is difficult to unlink your bank account from Paypal

Although it takes a few steps to unlink your bank account from Paypal, there are times the process gets difficult. The bank account might take time to unlink during these times, or it might not unlink until another try. Such times are:

When there’s a pending transaction: If there’s an unfinished transaction between Paypal and the account you have linked, your unlinking command will not go through. The account is in an existing operation, and it cannot perform another one until it summarizes the first.

Paypal is delaying your unlinking command. First, check if there’s a pending transaction with the account you want to unlink. If there’s any, wait for it to be completed before you try to unlink your account again.

When the account to be removed is a primary account: Paypal allows users to link multiple accounts on their platform. But, they can only make one the primary account. On Paypal, a primary account can perform the most transaction with the platform. You may have to transfer funds from other accounts to the primary one to deposit in your Paypal.

When the account you want to remove from your Paypal is a primary account, it might be difficult. If you are in this situation, change the account you want to unlink and put another there as the primary account. Then you can unlink the account without stress.

Can You Use Paypal Without a Bank Account?

You can use Paypal without a bank account. On Paypal, you don’t need a bank account to sign in or to receive any payment. However, for some people, Paypal serves as their bank accounts with its many virtual banking services.

Also, business inclined people can create a stealth Paypal business account. It is an account that is not linked to any original bank account or credit card. However, it still works perfectly for the purpose the user created it.

Can You Use Paypal Without a Bank Account

Services Paypal offers

  • Paypal prepaid MasterCard: This service offers you an excellent money management scheme. Also, you can set up a tiered-rate savings account that gives you up to a 5% Average Point Yield on a $1,000 or lesser daily bonus. If the balance is anything above $1,000, the savings account gives 0.50% APY.
  • Paypal cash Mastercard: Paypal provides you with a debit card you can use to transact online. You can purchase goods online with this debit card wherever they require a debit card. It works on online stores the same way bank credit cards do. In addition, you can withdraw cash with this debit card.

You don’t have to pay any fee of any sort to get the card. In addition, your Paypal Cash Plus account becomes eligible for FDIC insurance when you have this card.

  • Paypal extras Mastercard: It is a credit card, and it gives users rewards when they spend on specific categories. When cardholders purchase gas or anything in the restaurant, they earn 3 points per dollar. They earn 2 points per dollar when they spend on eBay or Paypal purchases and 1 point per dollar when they spend on other Mastercard buying.
  • Paypal cash and cash plus accounts: These accounts help you keep money in Paypal when you link them to your account. The two accounts allow you to send money, hold money, and shop in stores. The Paypal Cash Plus is even more advanced than the Paypal cash.
  • Pay in 4: This option allows you to purchase now and pay installmentally. You can buy a product and pay for it completely in four or fewer installments with this option. You can pay for your goods once in two weeks. It doesn’t attract any extra fee, no matter how often you do it.
  • Paypal Credit: This option allows you to pay for a purchase gradually as long as it is over $99. It only attracts interest when you can’t complete the payment for your purchase in under six months.

Paypal services you can access without a bank account

  • Send money: Without a bank account linked to your Paypal account, you can send money to anyone. Click the ‘Send’ tab and follow the instructions. You’re eligible to send any amount of money if you don’t exceed your balance.
  • Receive money: You don’t need a bank account to receive money on Paypal. The app can hold money.
  • Money pool: To take part in the Paypal Money Pool option, you do not need a bank account. Paypal allows you to transfer the money you receive to yourself by using a check.
  • Receive your Paypal balance as a check: Paypal has a feature that helps you receive your balance in check. Paypal can send the check to you through your email, and you can use it to cash out. But it comes at $1.50 per withdrawal.
  • Invoice creation: Paypal can help you create an invoice seamlessly, even without linking your Bank account to the platform. You only need to have a Paypal account to enjoy this benefit.
  • Donate to charity: You don’t need to link your Bank account to your Paypal to access this. Just choose a charity you want to make your donations to and send. Your donation will be made to the exact charity, except there is a name similarity. Then it will send to a similar charity.

Bottom Line

Paypal is an online financial platform that offers attractive benefits. For most of the things your bank can do, Paypal can, too, even without linking your Bank account. However, the platform needs you to link your bank to access its features.

How to unlink a Bank account from Paypal is stress-free, and it doesn’t attract an extra fee. So, users who want to unlink their Bank accounts from the platform can do it seamlessly.