How To Verify PayPal With Payoneer Bank Account

PayPal, being the largest online payment solution service provider, requires its users to verify their accounts. Verifying a PayPal account can be done by adding a bank account or a card (credit or debit) card. If you have a Payoneer account, you already have a Mastercard and a bank account associated with that.

So, why not use the Payoneer bank account to verify the PayPal account? Is that even possible in the first place? If possible, how to verify PayPal with Payoneer bank account? Well, we’ll talk that all and see how to make use of your Payoneer account to verify a PayPal account.

Let’s get into it real quick.

Does PayPal Accept Payoneer Bank Account?

Before we get into the processes and all, let’s see if PayPal accepts the Payoneer account in the first place. The bad news is, PayPal no more accepts the Payoneer global payment service bank information for verification anymore. Although PayPal used to accept it as a legit way to verify accounts, it no more does that.

PayPal Accept Payoneer Bank Account

If you still go ahead and try to add it as your verification method, PayPal won’t validate the information. PayPal will give you an error to warn you that PayPal doesn’t accept such virtual bank account details for verifications. With that being said, hope is still there because Payoneer also provides you a debit card!

How To Verify PayPal With Payoneer Bank Account

Now you know there’s no way to get your PayPal account verified using the Payoneer bank account. So, how do you make use of a Payoneer account for the verification? How to verify PayPal with Payoneer bank account or other way? Let’s talk about that and get your account verified:

How To Verify PayPal With Payoneer Bank Account

1. Use the Payoneer Mastercard

Although PayPal doesn’t accept the Payoneer bank account, it does accept the Mastercard as a valid card to verify the account. In that case, you’ll have to add the Payoneer Mastercard to your PayPal account. You’ll do it just the way you’d do with other cards, whether it’s virtual credit card or visa cards.

2. How to add Payoneer Mastercard to your PayPal account

Adding your Payoneer Mastercard to a PayPal account is fairly easy. You have to log into both your Payoneer account for Mastercard management and your PayPal account you’re trying to verify.

How to add Payoneer Mastercard to your PayPal account

Follow these steps to add your Payoneer Mastercard to your PayPal account:

Step 1: Log into your PayPal account by putting all your credentials in and go to Account settings from top right corner.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “wallet” option, and you’ll see a section named “Credit and debit cards” with a card (+) sign underneath.

Step 3: Click on the Plus (+) sign, and you’ll have a few input fields to fill out your Mastercard information.

Step 4: While having debit card selected, put your card number, expiration date, and CSC code in the respective fields. Here, you can also put virtual card for verification.

Step 5: After submission, PayPal will add the card to your account, but you need to verify the card to complete the process.

Step 6: To verify the card, go to Wallet option again, and you’ll see a “confirm card” under the card information. Click on it to get an input field again.

Step 7: PayPal will charge the card with a small amount and send you a confirmation code, embedded to the transaction number.

Step 8: Log into your Payoneer account and check the verification code on the transaction number. You’ll put this code on your PayPal account to confirm the card.

After verification, you should be able to do online transactions and purchase from online stores and any online platform. PayPal will draw the balance from your Payoneer Mastercard as the selected payout method.

3. Use the Bank account linked to Payoneer

Since you already have a Payoneer account, you must have a local bank account as well. You can use that same bank account to verify the PayPal account too. There’s nothing wrong with adding the bank account to your PayPal account that you already have added to Payoneer account.

Use the Bank account linked to Payoneer

If you’re okay with adding that bank account to your PayPal as well, you can put your bank details. All you have to do is, follow the process mentioned above, this time for your bank account. PayPal accepts both bank accounts or cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards) for verification.


Payoneer and PayPal are both doing great as two payment solutions around the world, and no wonder they both are great competitors. Therefore, if you’ve been wondering how to verify PayPal with Payoneer bank account, things don’t go as expected. However, since the debit card, Payoneer provides to its customers is from Mastercard.

That makes this card eligible for PayPal account verifications. Now that you know how you can verify your PayPal account using your Payoneer account, things should go well. And it’ll lift all the limitations from your PayPal account and help you do transactions without withdrawal limits like the unverified accounts have.