How to Withdraw Money from Limited Paypal Account Before 180 Days (Working)

Paypal is by far the most popular online money transaction with over 325 million active users worldwide. Transferring your money, getting payments, or sending money to a friend can be a great experience with PayPal securely. However, security being PayPal’s main feature, can also put any account on hold or freeze it at any time. Most people get temporary money-holds, and when they contact PayPal for a solution, they get an extended limitation of 180 days. 

The worst part for many is, when 180 days passes, PayPal still holds the money and doesn’t allow the transaction. If you’re struggling with a limitation on your PayPal account, I might have just the solution for you. Stick to the article to know how to withdraw money from limited PayPal account before 180 days or after the limitation. 

Can I Withdraw Money From a Limited Paypal Account?

When PayPal understands that you’re doing something not compliant with their user policy, they may warn you and ask for papers that verify your legitimacy. If you ignore that, they’ll put a limitation on your account so that you cannot send or withdraw the existing balance. Three is only one way to withdraw money from a limited account, verifying you’re not scamming and ready to prove you’re legit. 

Can I Withdraw Money From a Limited Paypal Account

If it’s a new account, it can be easy to verify yourself with the documents they ask for. Typically, you will do that by linking your bank account, your credit or debit card, then confirming them. If it’s an old account, they’ll ask for the documents, check them, and ask for more if necessary and lift the limitation. They usually take 3 business days or less to complete the verification process and to allow you to withdraw money from your PayPal account. 

How to Withdraw Money From a Limited Paypal Account Before 180 Days?

PayPal may get a limitation on your account for any reason if they notice any anomalies which they never miss. If you have the issue in the bucket, here is how to withdraw money from limited PayPal account before 180 days or ensure after that: 

How to Withdraw Money From a Limited Paypal Account Before 180 Days

Reach With Calls and Emails

The best thing you can do to withdraw your money from a limited PayPal account before 180 days is reaching PayPal customer support. You can start by calling them or emailing them but since everybody knows that emails are often overlooked, try calling them. 

They have the limitation on your account because you were off their books; you must convince them that you’re in it now. I’ve talked to people with this problem reporting that they got their money back from PayPal this way, why not you try it? Go to the customer support section on the PayPal website, choose the calling service, and make the agent understand. 

Make Up a Story

As I said already, you were off the PayPal rulebook; you must comply with it first, assuring the agent that it’s a mistake. You can make a story, whether it’s real or not, to make the PayPal customer care agent trust you that you’re now on the book. Then, to make your complaint more viable, you can call them every few days and give them a story to feel obligated. You can complain that you cannot pay the bills without that fund, or you’ll have to shut down your business. 

With the business non-functional, there is no processing or money for Paypal either. After that, tell them your employee salaries and the rent of your office; your taxes depend on this fund. Assure that you’re getting better at business with incredible revenue forecasts, which is impossible without a strong and solid payment partner. Don’t forget to say that you hope PayPal is the best partner you can imagine for your business.

Try Adding a Us Bank Account

After a few days or weeks of contacting the PayPal support, you don’t have that many ways open if they stay firm. You can do two things at this stage; they may allow you to add a US local bank to the account. If you can call a way out to add a US local bank account, do that and withdraw the money. If you’re not a US citizen, you can get help from a friend who is living in the US with an account. 

You can also try getting your US account using Payoneer, which is a popular online transaction solution. There are third party services available who provide this sort of services, but at a very high commission cut. If you desperately need the money or a part of it at a higher cost, you can try a third party service. 

If You Don’t Get the Money After 180 Days

PayPal should unfreeze your account and allow you to withdraw your money after your 180 days of account-limitation is over. However, PayPal becomes creepy sometimes and doesn’t allow its users to withdraw even after 6 months. If that happens to you, you can easily penalize them and regain your account by contacting the customer support. 

Contact PayPal support over email or call explaining that your account has been limited for 6 months, and you still cannot withdraw. Don’t forget to include the tracking number and the limited account you’re trying to regain. 

Final Thought

Using PayPal can make your online businesses and personal transactions way easier and smoother, and it’s more secure as well. However, getting your account limited with a balance in it can’t be as pleasing as using it in the first place. Among different types of limitations and blocks, an account freezing for 180 days is the worst and can hamper a business.

Although there is no way-out technically, the processes I showed you here did work for many people. Now that you know how to withdraw money from limited PayPal account before 180, you can try getting your money this way. Getting them a viable story to get your account back is reportedly the most effective way as I talked to many others.