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PayPal is undoubtedly the most popular financial solution online that you can use for sending and receiving money. Most of the online marketplaces and eCommerce sites accept PayPal as their payment method. With over 300 million customers, PayPal has to ensure the system is under strict supervision for security. “Money is waiting for you, claim your money” is also a security feature PayPal has for adding an extra layer of security. 

money is waiting for you

When you receive a payment, or someone sends you money, PayPal may hold the money from adding to your wallet. Instead, they will put a notification on your dashboard saying the money is waiting for you with a claim button underneath. In this article, I will talk about the things you should know about this and how you can get rid of it.

Money is waiting for you – Paypal Problem

How to solve this problem? PayPal verifies the receiving money from others in several ways, requiring you to accept it is another way. In this case, PayPal says, “money is waiting for you” and gives you a claiming link under the notification. If you’re facing a problem receiving the money, here are some things you should know and do about it: 

Verify your email address

When you get asked by PayPal to claim your money, the probable reason for that could be an unconfirmed email address. Check if you have your email address attached to your PayPal account confirmed and verified. If someone sends you money on your PayPal account with the email address you have on it, it has to be verified. When you find that the email address is still unconfirmed, verify it and log in to the account again to claim it. 

Check the email on your listing setting

When you list an item for sale, getting the email correct is important for getting the payment correctly. Go to “My eBay” and click on the “Sell Similar” option and scroll down to your Payment section. Have a look at the PayPal box and see if the email input field is correctly spelled. If so, change the mail next time you list any item next time for sale. 

Security check

Sometimes, PayPal does this for extra security checking and holds your payment from receiving it. In that case, you may have to provide some Identifying extra documents like your SSN or so. If you haven’t provided any ID information in the past, PayPal may do this to you for a security check. In this case, provide the security documents to PayPal to verify your identity. Go to your profile and complete it with email and ID verifications, you should be able to claim the money now. 

Do you have your cash account?

PayPal has two types of balance accounts that you need to have for transactions with full freedom. With a PayPal balance account, you can add a credit or debit card to your account as the main balance. Once you link it to your personal account, you’ll be able to request for PayPal credit or cards as well. You can send money to anybody, spend online, setting up a money pool is available with a cash account.

Another nice feature of having the cash balance is when you will get an “Accept the money” button, you’ll have extra options. If you’re willing to keep it on your PayPal account, you have to choose the “Keep it in PayPal” option. The money will be on the PayPal cash account.

How do I accept a payment I received?

If the status of the received money is unclaimed and asks you to receive it manually, you need to accept the money yourself. If you deny the payment, PayPal will refund the money to the sender account. Here are the situations where you may get an unclaimed status for the payment you’ve got: 

  • If the recipient may not have a PayPal account in the first place, in that case, ask if the other person entered the right email. 
  • You may not have confirmed and verified the email address that you have added on your PayPal account.
  • If it’s a business account, you may need to accept the money manually, as indicated to ensure safety.
  • The problem may have occurred in the currency variation, check if the currency is the right one you wanted. 

If you don’t accept the payment manually within 30 days, PayPal will refund the whole payment to the sender’s account. The transaction will automatically cancel, and the money will be restored to the buyer’s account. To accept the money manually, go to your Activity page and look for the transaction you have. Under the transaction, you’ll have an Accept and a Deny button, Click on the Accept button to get the money.


How long can you wait to accept money in PayPal?

The waiting period for claiming payment on PayPal is 30 days; you have to receive the money within this time. 

Do I have to accept payment on PayPal?

Yes, when someone sends you a payment on PayPal, you have to accept the money on your account.

How do I accept pending payments on PayPal?

Go to the pending option under the Summary menu; you have to click on the approve the transaction here.

Do I need a bank account to receive money on PayPal?

You don’t necessarily need to link a bank account to receive your money on PayPal.

Do I need to link a card to PayPal to receive money?

You need to add a card on your account for full functionality, but it’s not necessary to receive money.

Bottom line

PayPal makes its security tight and keeps it neat, and they launch different security measures from time to time. The “money is waiting for you” problem is also a step they take for you to ensure the security and proper transaction process.

Most of the time, this leads you to a never-ending process where you might even have to link your bank account. PayPal puts this because your transactions need to be verified before adding them to your main account. However, if you follow the solutions properly, you’ll be able to get rid of the problem and keep using PayPal. 

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