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Do you need a secondary/primary PayPal Business Verified account without using your own information but verified? We’re providing you with PayPal business accounts that are previously verified and ready to be used right away. When you have no intention to disclose or repeat your information, this is a great way to use PayPal with verification done for you. It’s a great opportunity for also those who don’t have PayPal in their country or region. We’ll provide you all the account and email information so that you can change or update them for added security. 

US PayPal Business Verified

Everything is done for you. Buy and start using today.

  • Created with Dedicated US IP Address
  • Country: United States
  • Phone Number Verified
  • Credit Card Linked
  • US Bank Verified
  • Email Verified
  • Upgrade to Business Account with your chosen Business Name

You will receive the following details:

  • Account name & Address
  • Email Access
  • Phone Number Access
  • Bank account Number
  • Credit Card details.

We need the following details to deliver your business account:

  • Your business name
  • Your business type
  • Website (if any)
  • Entity type (if any)

Please send your details to our official email after the order.

We don’t provide any documents though, we may help you to get it.

While Placing Order, Please make sure you enter your email. Your account details will be sent to your email. Do Not Forget to Check Your Spam/Bulk mail folder.

What Is a PayPal Business Account?

PayPal offers two types of account options, business account is for those who want to manage their business using PayPal. It’s suitable for both large businesses and the ones just starting off. You can make and receive payments to over 200 countries using 25 supported currencies. With a PayPal business account, it also becomes easy for your customers and clients to check out easily without having any PayPal account. 

They make the payments using almost anything they have, such as credit or debit cards (4 supported providers), JCB, Venmo, even in person from stores or PayPal credit. Not only that, you can manage your inventory with a business account, have individual access for your employees to maintain and scale up your business. 

What Do You Need for a US PayPal Business Verified Account?

There are two types of PayPal business accounts; the standard one has no extra maintenance fees. And the PayPal Payment Pro charges you $30 for maintenance and gives you payment options via a virtual terminal, phone, fax as well as other perks. Regardless of which one you go for, you’ll need a few things to open up a PayPal business account, such as: 

  • Creating a PayPal Business account username and password if you’re signing up brand new.
  • Information about the business including location, registration no. etc.
  • Your employer’s ID number if you’re a sole proprietor. 
  • Social security number (SSN) for personal verification. 
  • Your business website and other contact information.
  • Some personal identifiers from email to ID number
  • The bank information your business uses for transactions (Bank name, account number, etc). 
  • Your online banking credentials (username and pass). 
  • The routing number from your conventional bank (for transactions).

You can also convert a personal account into a business account. In that case, you have to put in the additional information and data excluding the ones you already have in your account. 

Difference Between a PayPal Personal and Business Account

There are some distinct differences between a PayPal personal account and a PayPal business account. Decide which one you actually need depending on the purpose it’s going to serve for you. 


A personal PayPal account is suitable if you’re an individual user who wants to send or receive personal payments. This may include paying for online shopping, splitting bills, sending money to friends or family, pay the rents or bills. You can also do occasional or casual selling as well as other non-commercial transactions that don’t need a vast financial setup. 


A business account is recommended particularly for merchants and businessmen who make transactions under a company name rather than personal ones. You can get extra features and benefits from a business account that personal accounts don’t have. For instance, you can allow up to 200 of your employees to access the account, manage the inventory and payments, as well as provide customer service.


Fee options have significant differences between the PayPal personal and business account. Don’t forget to review your spending while opening the account; different types of transactions have different fee structures for different tasks.

Frequently asked questions:

Here are some common queries about PayPal business account that you might want to know about:

1. Can I Have a PayPal Personal and Business Account?

Yes, you can have a PayPal personal account and a Business account simultaneously. Both of them can have the same personal information. You can also convert your personal account into a business account. 

2. Can I Use My Personal PayPal Account for Business?

You cannot use your personal account for large-scale business transactions as the features don’t allow that. However, you can do casual selling and receive personal payments that aren’t that large scale.

3. Do I Need a Business License to Have a PayPal Business Account?

Yes, you’ll need the registration, license, and legal information about the business you’re opening the account for. PayPal asks for the representative’s ID and other documents while opening the account. 

4. Is it Safe to Buy Verified Paypal Business Account?

It’s totally fine to buy a verified PayPal business account if you need an extra account without using your own information. However, you must use a USA IP address to log into your account and keep things compliant.

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