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Do you need a verified PayPal account that will be verified and ready to use? We’re providing fully verified accounts that you can use as your secondary or even primary account without any issues. It’s the best way to use PayPal without having to disclose or use your personal information. It’s also a great way to use PayPal from a place/country where PayPal doesn’t operate. With complete information on your hands, you can change account details and manage it as you want. 

Buy USA Verified PayPal Personal Account

Everything for the PayPal personal account is done for you. Buy and start using today. Here are the key things you want to know about the account: 

  • Created with a Dedicated US IP Address
  • Country: United State
  • Phone Number Verified
  • Credit Card Linked
  • US Bank Verified
  • Email Verified
  • SSN SUPPORT* (Conditions Apply)

You will receive the following details:

  • Account name & Address
  • Email Access
  • Bank account Number
  • Credit Card details
  • IP Details also.

Please send your details to our official email after ordering.

We don’t provide any documents though, we may help you to get them.

While Placing Order, Please make sure you enter your email. Your account details will be sent to your email. Do Not Forget to Check Your Spam/Bulk mail folder.

Features of Using Verified PayPal Personal Account?

Using PayPal as your daily payment solution has a lot of perks compared to the other conventional payment solutions. Some of them would be: 

  • Making payments for online purchases.
  • Barcode Scanning option for payment.
  • Bill Me Later (a PayPal registered feature)
  • Company/organization maintenance.
  • Creating customized invoices.
  • Dispute feature for secure payment. 
  • Making free transactions to friends and family
  • Express Checkout feature for payment.
  • Inventory Tracking for online sellers.
  • Phone app for mobile access to your account. 
  • A community of over 305 million PayPal users from 200 countries. 

What is a Personal verified Paypal account?

A personal PayPal account is an online money transaction solution that you can use primarily for shopping, sending money to friends and family. You can also use this account to receive payments from your clients if you sell online. PayPal offers a custom invoice feature that allows you to bill your clients and customers with your personal branding on it. 

However, in order to keep your account secure and to lift transaction limitations off of it, PayPal requires you to verify the account. When you have a verified Paypal personal account, it gives you full access to its features and allows you to make transactions without limitations. 

What do You need to Verify Your Personal Paypal Account?

As mentioned earlier, you need to verify your PayPal account in order to make transactions free of limitations. There are a few things PayPal asks for when you’re trying to verify your account which will include:

  • Proof of your legitimate identity with nationality which includes SSN, Phone number, etc. 
  • You need to connect a bank account or a card (debit/credit) to the PayPal account. PayPal supports these card providers: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

Safety Tips to Use This Account

Since we’re providing you the US verified PayPal account, if you’re outside the US, you should have some safety precautions in mind. If you want to access it from outside, be sure to use a dedicated US IP address, and that’s important to keep your account safe. 

Without this step, access to your PayPal account may get limited which will also hold all your funds in it. 

We recommend using a good VPN that offers you a dedicated IP address to keep it safe for you. Don’t change the other account information, you can surely change the password and email address for your own safety. 

You don’t need to add any card, bank account, or verify the account since we already verified it. We don’t repeat the information of an account on another, so you’re getting a unique set of information that you don’t have to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about our verified US PayPal personal accounts, here you might get an answer to that: 

1. Is the Account Aged?

Yes, the provided PayPal account will be aged.  Although we have a high volume of orders all the time, we try to send you account(s) aged for about a month or so.

2. How Long Do You Take to Deliver the Paypal Account?

We usually deliver the account right after you place an order. However, it may take 10-15 days if you want an account with custom information on it.

3. Can I change the account information afterward? 

Yes, you can change the account information like the email and password. However, we’ll also provide the email address details so that you can keep it on PayPal, use it further, or remove it. 

4. How do I check if my PayPal is verified?

To check the personal PayPal account verification status, Log in and go to the verification checking page. You’ll see if your account is verified. If it’s not verified, it’ll take you to the balance page instead. 

5. How do I keep the verified personal PayPal account secure?

Use the account from a dedicated USA IP address since we register it from there. Besides, don’t do any suspicious activities with the account and keep things compliant with the regulations.

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