How To Fix Sorry We Couldn’t Confirm It’s You PayPal

Using a PayPal account can solve a ton of problem for online payments and moving money around the globe. However, not every time PayPal will be a piece of cake to handle.

Imagine being out without cash on you, relying on your PayPal balance. You’re about to make payment, but all of a sudden, the “sorry we couldn’t confirm it’s you PayPal issue pops up on the screen. You cannot cash your money up front, cannot make transactions while having balance.

To make things even worse, you cannot just instantly resolve the issue, let alone getting your hands on the money. While this issue is a major concert for many, we’ll get into it today. We’ll also see why it happens in the first place, and what you can do about it.

Let’s get on with it.

What Does the “Sorry We Couldn’t Confirm It’s You PayPal” Error Mean?

If you list the reasons why PayPal is so popular, security, ease of use, and convenience will surely top the list. Ease of use is the reason why people use PayPal, despite the possibilities of getting limited and uncertain security checks.

The heavy security concerns of PayPal sometimes puts people in utter discomfort and keeps on anxiety for sure. “Sorry we couldn’t confirm it’s you PayPal” is by far one of the most embarrassing ones. It’s an error message, often PayPal users end up with upon an IP change.

This message means that PayPal isn’t sure if it’s you who’s accessing the account in the first place. If you get this message, PayPal is suspecting a potentially compromised account, the one you’re operating with. In this case, there are a few things you can do to make things right.

We’ll talk through this issue and see what you can do to resolve it in a sec.

How To Fix “Sorry We Couldn’t Confirm It’s You PayPal”

If you’re locked out of PayPal with the message “sorry we couldn’t confirm it’s you PayPal”, chances are PayPal’s screwing you up. Here are the things you can do to resolve the identity verification issue on PayPal:

sorry we couldn't confirm its you

1. Understand the country restrictions

PayPal is operating in over 200 countries, and every country has a different financial law to be dealt with. PayPal wants you to do transactions from the country (address) you’ve registered your PayPal account with. You will be able to send and receive money from all the supported countries meanwhile.

But you must do it under your own government regulations. Therefore, if you move to a new country, you should let PayPal know that you’re moving and have a notice in prior. If you want to use other services without any issues, you can use PayPal VBA for easy validations, confirmations, and other benefits.

2. Confirm your email, phone, identity

If you haven’t yet confirmed your email or phone number associated with your PayPal account, be sure to confirm them. Go to your PayPal account dashboard, navigate to the account settings to find your contact details.

Confirm your email, phone, identity

There, you will have “Confirm” button next to the email address or phone number you’re trying to confirm. Click on that button to get a code and enter that in the next page. If you can’t even enter the account, use the “Having trouble logging in?” function in the log in screen.

3. Don’t act strange with PayPal transactions

When you’re starting off with PayPal, take it slow and gradually increase the transaction amounts. If you have sudden spikes in the amounts you’re transferring or receiving, PayPal may put you on suspicion.

Make payments in regular sums and don’t do any transactions with other suspicious PayPal accounts that do illegal transactions. The most important part is, never use VPNs to access your PayPal account. PayPal will lock you out of the account if you do.

4. Don’t overdo anything (to stay safe)

Getting a “sorry we couldn’t confirm it’s you” error with money in your account, can be frustrating. And that may provoke you to try different ways to resolve the issue right away. But hold up and be patient about it because PayPal has reputation of locking out people permanently for repeated actions.

5. Contact PayPal regarding the issue

This might sound a little frustrating, again, because PayPal also seems not so bothered about their actions. Go to the PayPal contact page, choose “Account profile set up”, then select the “Privacy Questions” menu. Scroll down to where it says, “If you still need help, we recommend you send us a message”.

Contact PayPal regarding the issue

There are three options underneath to contact PayPal support, start with the message option. You can also ask the community, but that doesn’t really help much. Calling PayPal would take an eternity to be able to talk to a person, only to hear some robotic answers. Call them only when messaging isn’t cutting the issue off.

They may ask you some security questions if there are any security issues regarding your account and unlock the account.


Using PayPal can be an amusing thing because of the easy gong UI and fast transaction. Well, until you’re locked out of your account with a “sorry we couldn’t confirm it’s you PayPal” error message. As you’ve come through, there are a few ways you can try to regain the account again.

You can confirm the email, change the password afterwards, and other ways as mentioned. But, if you want to have it resolved properly, and have the patience, calling customer service is your best bet.