Buy VBA - Virtual Bank Account For your Paypal and Business

Do you know what is VBA ? Where you buy VBA ? Why you buy virtual bank account ? Don’t worry, We are here for help you. Let’s discuss abour virtual bank account. Buy any Paypal VBA here! here’s you’ll find 100% Working USA PayPal VBA account, Paypal VBA Varification from this

What is VBA – Virtual Bank Account?

A virtual bank account is almost similar to the street bank account through this account can be maintained online and virtually.

Most common usage of VBA

Verification: The most popular use of virtual banks(VBA) is to verify PayPal, Stripe, Facebook, Google, Bing, etc.

Accepting/Receiving payments: Sometimes Virtual Bank is used for taking/receiving payments from Affiliate network/Ads Network, CPA Marketplace, etc.

Withdraw money: Withdrawing money from PayPal, Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Google Adsense and others is another popular practice for Virtual Banks.

Types of Virtual bank account (VBA )USA VBA

Based on usage, There are different types of VBA. The most popular are the following –

  1. Verification VBA -Verification VBA is one time use Virtual bank accounts. PayPal VBA is the most demanding one. There are USA VBA, EU VBA, AU VBA.


We offer PayPal VBA for the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

  1. Withdrawl VBA: The highest demanding VBA in the Stealth and Digital Marketplace.

Withdrawl VBA is two types – stealth /Anonymous and Legal One.


Verification VBA is only for account verification purpose.
There are two types of Verification VBA–

  1. Micro Deposit/Security Deposit-Once added, Mechat will send one/two small amount of money to the bank to validate the account. For PayPal, It takes 1-3 business days to get those deposits.
    You need to get those deposits and confirm the bank.
  2. Instant Confirmation bank-Instant Confirm bank requires online login details to link the bank with PayPal. It is important to be listed on the merchant. SunTrust is most popular to verify PayPal instantly.

Best use to –

1. Any account verification through Security deposits.
2. PayPal USA Account Verification.
3. To verify any European Countries PayPal account.
4. PayPal NZ and Australia.
5. Facebook Account Verification and Many more.

Not suitable as –

1. Withdrawing money from any website.
2. Please do not order Verification VBA for Withdrawal purpose.

Please Contact our support and explain your needs. Our team is ready to assist you.

Withdraw-able Virtual Bank Account

The best use for –
1. Withdrawing money from PayPal
2. Receiving ACH payment from Any Companies.
3. Google Payments,
4. Any CPA/Affiliate Commission etc.



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